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EMODnet Information day at Ifremer - draft agenda

Event date:
27/01/2015 (All day)
Table of Contents
    Ifremer is heavily engaged in development and maintenance of the European Marine Observation and Data Network. They are also significant contributors to the Copernicus marine core service and data collection in fisheries. This is an opportunity to understand lessons of work done so far and to look at how the different programmes can work together to create a better understanding of the seas


    EMODNET information day, Brest, 27  January, 2014

    EMODNET information day

    January 27, 2015

    Ifremer, Centre de Brest, Salon de l'Océan

    Technopole de Brest-Iroise - B.P. 70 29280 Plouzané - France

    tel. +33 2 98 22 40 40 / fax +33 2 98 22 45 45 / GPS : 48°21' N - 4°33' W

    9:00 - Welcome (Jacques Populus - Ifremer)

    9:10 - General presentation of EMODNET

    • Presentation (Iain Shepherd - DG-Mare) (30mn)

    presentation by DG-MARE

    • Questions (10mn)

    9:50 - Contribution or Progress with EMODNET lots (Chair : Jacques Populus - Ifremer) 10mn /Presentation + 5mn for Questions

    • Bathymetry (Benoit Loubrieu - Ifremer, with SHOM)

    o Coastal hot spots : (Gaël Morvan - SHOM))

    • Geology (Laure Simplet - Ifremer, with BRGM)
    • Habitats (Mickaël Vasquez - Ifremer)

    10:45 - 11 :00 Coffee Break

    • Physical parameters (Sylvie Pouliquen - Ifremer)
    • Chemistry (Julie Gatti - Ifremer)
    • Biology (Antoine Huguet - Ifremer)
    • Mediterranean Sea Basin Check Point (Eric Moussat - Ifremer)

    12:00 - Technical issues (Chair : Gilbert Maudire - Ifremer)

    • Identification of Emodnet users: Objectives and solutions ? (Dick Schaap - Maris)
    • Relevance of Citation of data sources and Digital Object Identifier (Fred Merceur - Ifremer)
    • Relationships between central EMODNET portal and thematic portals (to be defined)

    12:45 - Lunch Break

    13:45 - 15:30 Issues and perspectives (Chair : Jean-François Bourillet - Ifremer)

    Short introduction (5mn-10mn) + discussion

    • Relationships between EMODNET / Copernicus in-situ (Silvo Zlebir- DG-GROW, Sylvie Pouliquen- Ifremer)
    • Role of Check Points (Guiseppe Manzella - ETT, with help of Nadia Pinardi - INGV)
    • Which role for fisheries information within EMODNET (e.g. in "Human activities" lot)?

    (Patrick Berthou - Ifremer)

    • EMODNET and MFSD, relationships with DG-Env and EEA (Antoine Huguet - Ifremer) links with Regional Sea Convention
    • Relationships with Research Infrastructures and E-Infrastructures (DG-Research) (Gilbert Maudire-Ifremer)

    o Observation systems (Eric-Argo, Jerico), o Data Management systems (SeaDataNet)

    • Identified data gaps: how to fill them? (Jean-François Bourillet-Ifremer)
    • Open Data / Others constraints ("Inspire exceptions")

    o Protection of environmental resources of Member States (EEZ, ...) o Economic Models of data providers

    15:30 - Perspectives from DG-Mare point of view (Iain Shepherd)


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