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Presentation of draft final report on deep-sea mining

Event date:
01/07/2014 (All day)
Table of Contents
    The participants also looked at preliminary results of the public consultation



    Thomas Barbas European Commission JRC-ISPRA,Stijn Billiet European Commission MARE, John Brincat European Commission MARE, Helena Cavaco-Viegas European Commission ENTR, German Esteban-Muniz European Commission RTD, Dirk Fincke Union Européenne des Producteurs de Granulats, Johan Gille Ecorys, Stephen Hodgson MRAG ,Elie Jarmache Secrétariat général de la mer, Eszter Kantor Ecorys, Roelof-Jan Molemaker Ecorys, Mark Russell British Marine Aggregate Producers Association, Petra Sarapatkova, European Commission MARE, Nigel Smith European Commission ENV, Michal Spiechowicz European Commission ENTR, Ramon van Barneveld European Commissiin MARE, Marco Weydert European Commission RTD,

    /maritimeforum/en/file/dsm-draft-final-meeting-mare-1-july-2014pptxDSM draft final meeting MARE 1 July 2014.pptx

    draft final report

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