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Kick-off for study on deep-sea mining

Event date:
27/01/2014 - 14:30 to 16:30
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    According to Commissioner Maria Damanaki

    "If seabed mining becomes legally, technologically and economically feasible, I believe we should ask ourselves how involved Europe should be" The Commission has therefore launched a study to investigate the matter.

    And Vice PresidenT Tajani 

    "Seabed and subsea floor represent the next tangible frontier as a relevant raw materials source, including critical raw materials to the EU. However, seabed mining, in particular deep and subsea mining, is a challenging activity from the environmental and technological points of view. I believe the EU can play an important role as a major global player with the expertise and technology we have developed so far and with all the potential we have to face the challenge of the sustainable exploitation of the sea and subsea floor. The Blue Growth Communication, of September 2012, identified 5 Focus Areas (FA) with potential to job creation, research and development to deliver technology improvements and innovation and need for action, and the Marine Mineral Resources (MMR) is one of the FA.  Additionally, we have been assisting during the very last years to the positioning of relevant global players from outside the EU within the context of the deep sea mining. It is therefore relevant that we prepare and clearly position ourselves within the global context of the seabed mining."


    The contractors will present a draft inception report together with a draft questionnaire to be sent for public consultation together with an accompanying paper.

    Rue Joseph II, 99