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Blue growth in the Atlantic - revised country papers

Published on: Sat, 19/10/2013 - 08:55
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    As part of the study, the contractors preparing country papers indicating the current status and growth rate of various maritime activities. These are revised versions that take into account comments on the first drafts. We will post the latest summaries here for comments and suggestions., even though they are not, by any means, the finished products. By logging in to the maritime forum it is possible to post comments directly. Comments must be provided by 15 November 2013.


    France country paper

    Comments from MARE sent on 3 October have been taken into account but not yet documented

    comments from Ifremer
    Ireland country paper how comments from MARE and stakeholders have been dealt with feedback
    Portugal country paper

    how comments from MARE have been dealt with.

    comments from Portugal on 14 October on Portuguese paper, innovation indicators and clusters have not yet been considered.

    Spain country paper

    how comments from MARE and other stakeholders have been dealt with

    comments on maritime forum not yet dealt with

    feedback (revised)  and input from Canary Islands, IEO Basque region, Baleares Murcia, Catalonia,
    Mediterranean , ports, port investment , and Guardia civil

    United Kingdom country paper  still some work to do on chapter 5  UK comments

    Method for calculating economic indicators used in the country papers

    and data file (excel)