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Third meeting between the International Hydrographic Organization and the European Commission services

Event date:
26/06/2013 - 09:00
Table of Contents

     The third meeting between the International Hydrographic Organization and the European Commission took place in Paris (Saint-Mandé) 26 June 2013.


    • Iain Shepherd, DG Mare
    • Gilles Bessero, International Hydrographic Bureau,
    • Paul Canham, UKHO (United Kingdom)
    • Guido Dumon, MDK, Flemish hydrography (Belgium)
    • Guillermo Coll Florit, IHM (Spain)
    • Christine Fourtané, SGAE (France)
    • Bruno Frachon, SHOM General Director (France)
    • Yves Guillam, SHOM (France),
    • Gerhard Heggebo, NHS (Norway),
    • Spyridon Mazarakis, HNHS (Greece)
    • Yves-Henri Renhas, SHOM (France).
    • Noralf Slotsvik, NHS (Norway)
    • Magnus Wallhagen, SMA (Sweden).

    Apologies received from Denmark and Germany.

    Short summary report and decisions:


     Bruno Frachon welcomes the participants in the “Pôle Géosciences” building. This building accommodates staffs of Météo-France, IGN (French geographic institute) and SHOM.

    2- Study of a European Programme of Hydrographic Knowledge 2020


    Following decision item 10 of the 2nd meeting, Yves-Henri Renhas presents the background and the needs for a European Programme of Hydrographic Knowledge 2020. A study should set the precise scope of the Programme, the funding, the involvement of member states and EC.

    3- Updates on budget Marine Knowledge 2020 and other maritime items


    Iain Shepherd presents a summing up of the achievements of Emodnet as well as some challenges regarding sea basin check points. He also presents the aim of the Marine Knowledge 2020 impact assessment study. DG Mare considers that the proposal of a European Programme of Hydrographic Knowledge could perfectly fit in at least one of the areas that that impact assessment study is focused on (improving marine data acquisition and quality). Also, it was clearly stated that adequate Hydrographic Knowledge is key for the Marine Knowledge 2020 goals to be achieved (e.g. oil spill trajectory forecast models need accurate bathymetry data in coastal areas. Likewise, wind farms installations need also accurate bathymetry data for the foundations to be placed). In order for DG Mare to consider the proposal on hydrographic knowledge, in view of approval and feasibility of funding, a short description of the study of a European Programme of Hydrographic Knowledge 2020 is needed.

    Within 2014-2020 multiannual financial frameworks DG Mare could consider to fund data acquisition.

    France will write a one page paper describing the study. Deadline end-August. The working group will refine the definition of the study, including subjects raised by DG Mare, as those regarding impact assessment. Deadline next meeting.


    4- European Coastal Mapping


    Yves-Henri Renhas presents the needs and the tools for Coastal Mapping and the experiences gained in some areas. In some areas bathymetric Lidar gives satisfactory results. In other ones results are less satisfactory. Given the amount of investment that may be required, it could be cheaper to implement a common programme of coastal mapping or to buy and operate common tools rather than to act separately.

     France, Sweden and Germany (Germany, not represented at the meeting, has confirmed its willingness to take part) would make a specification for business case study, including e.g. which areas at which seasons could be mapped using bathymetric Lidar. A first draft specification for this study will be written down. Deadline mid-October.

     DG Mare is invited to investigate the feasibility of funding a European Coastal mapping Program including a shared capacity.

     5- Marine Spatial Planning


     Iain Shepherd presents the proposal for a directive on Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management. The implementation of this directive would need to be supported by adequate marine spatial data infrastructure (MSDI). HOs should contribute to ensure the availability and interoperability of this infrastructure.

    Norway will prepare a submission paper requiring IHO MSDI WG to study which marine data layers would be necessary to implement the directive and proposing standardization works needed for interoperability. Deadline for the draft mid-August (tbc); (deadline for submission papers to HSSC5: 17th September).

     6- Tides and Water Level


     Following decision item 12 of the 2nd meeting Gilles Bessero presents the progress made by IHO TWL WG and NSHC TWL WG. IHO TWL WG will report to HSSC.

    IHB will provide DG Mare with a copy of report of IHO TWL WG. Deadline mid-November.


    7-Place and date for the next meeting


    Guido Dumon proposes to host the next meeting in Flemish hydrography premises in Brussels.


    Next meeting will take place in Brussels in Flemish hydrography premises on 24 October 2013.