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Blue Growth in the Atlantic - progress meeting

Event date:
12/09/2013 - 15:00 to 17:00
Table of Contents

    following delivery of preliminary country papers  the aim of the meeting  was to:

    • present reactions of country experts on the comments received by DG MARE and stakeholders
    • discuss the suggestion on maritime clusters provided by Ecorys and agree on a selection
    • present first findings on the innovation indicators (compiled by the central data team)
    • exchange on the selection of the 6 most relevant and promising maritime economic analysis (to be analysed by the sector experts after that)
    • further planning with regards to the presentation of preliminary result


    Iain Shepherd, DG MARE
    Juan Ronco, DG MARE
    Teresa Molina Schmid, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Spain
    Claude Wohrer, Secretariat General de la Mer, France
    Conceilao Santos, Portugal
    James How, UK Permanent Representation to Brussels
    Jenny O’Leary, Irish Marine Institute
    Roelof Jan Molemaker, Ecorys
    Johan Gille, Ecorys
    Martin Wegele, Ecorys

    General comments from Member States representatives, DG MARE, Ecorys:

    • Acknowledgement of the data method harmonized across countries (also of other sea basins) and replicability of the country paper exercise (in order to allow for updating once additional figures and data are available)
    • Short time frame of the study, limiting the level of analysis and data assessment.
    • Concerns of all country representatives that available data are limited and in many cases incomplete. Understanding that Ecorys has to gather what is there, but request to address concerns and include own assessment to figures used.
    • Ecorys welcomes any additional sources on innovation indicators (at national level), official national statistical sources on maritime economic activities, as well as cluster information


    • Until 20th Sept. Ecorys to
      • set up longlist of regions with maritime clusters (based on EU cluster observatory),
      • longlist based on maritime employment in the regions of the 5 Member States  adjacent to the Atlantic
      • Select 10 different clusters, according to various different types of clusters (types still to be selected)
    • Analyse 10 clusters more in depth – only those located alongside the Atlantic Arc regions

    Proposed list of 6 most relevant maritime economic activities:

    1. Shipbuilding
    2. Ocean energy
    3. Fisheries
    4. Aquaculture (advocated by IE and PT)  (to replace Blue Biotechnology)
    5. Shortsea shipping
    6. Yachting and marinas (to replace coastal tourism, as perceived too broad and elusive)

    Timing of the country papers & comments:

    • Mid Oct. (18th Oct) – draft final country fiches submitted to DG MARE (incl. clusters, maritime strategies and good practices sections)
    • Mid Nov. (15th Nov.) – deadline for comments from EU Member States on draft final country fiches (all-in-one comments)
    • End Nov. (29th Nov.) – deadline for final country fiches submitted to DG MARE

    Further actions:

    • DG MARE would enquire in how far the study duration can be extended
    • Further delving into indicator work, depending on data availability and access (tbc) to Eurostat micro-data and alternative sources (national innovation indicators and reports).