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Blue growth in Atlantic - study kicks off

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09/07/2013 - 13:00
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    A study is underway to deepen understanding of the potential for blue growth in the five EU Member States with an Atlantic seaboard – Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom and Ireland. There are three other studies –  (1) North Sea, (2) Baltic, (3) Mediterranean and Black Sea.

    The "Atlantic" study will also cover the North Sea and Mediterranean coastlines of the five states. An estimate will then be made of the proportion of the activity can be attributed to each basin. There will be no overlap with the other studies. The "Mediterranean" study will not cover France and Spain. However, the studies are coordinated. A common method is used to determine the indicators and there is a continual communication between the teams engaged in the studies.

    The Atlantic study will include estimates of:

    1. the economic activity in each Atlantic state based on national statistics and industrial sources. The maritime activities will be those defined in the "blue growth study" of 2012 except that the building and operation of ships will be separated.
    2. the division of activity between Atlantic, North Sea and Mediterranean
    3. innovation in each activity
    4. growth drivers and barriers for six activities
    5. geographical clusters of activity

    based on this analysis the contractor should suggest:

    1. measures that EU could take to stimulate growth and reasoning as to why such measures would work. These could be legislative or financial measures.
    2. examples of good practice in one or more Member State that others could follow.

    The draft final report will be presented in January 2014

    Comments are invited on the inception report