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Focusing on the Channel – Collection of maps

Published on: Thu, 02/05/2013 - 16:44
Table of Contents



    Carried out within the CAMIS project, this collection is made up of 11 thematic plates about the Channel area:

    • Underwater – Submarine morphology and halieutic resources
    • Zonal demarcations in the Channel – Operational limits and special reserve areas
    • Global maritime corridor – Continuous heavy traffic
    • Of cargos and people – Multiplicity of exchanges
    • Fishing – An important sector
    • Recreational yachting – An activity born in the Channel
    • Marine renewable energies – Huge potentials as yet largely untapped
    • Land/Sea interface – Increasing pressures from all directions
    • Vulnerability – Natural hazards and industrial risks
    • Maritime casualties – Real and potential risks
    • The Channel in 2030 – Looking ahead

    Diagrams, maps, graphs and short texts provide all you ought to know about the Channel specific issues.

    The different plates can be downloaded in pdf from the CAMIS website.

    For a print copy, please contact the CAMIS project at: