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Ur_EMODnet biology - Final maintenance report

Published on: Sat, 26/05/2012 - 17:47


Large national marine biological data centers and large biological data systems from our focus area were contacted and asked to share their data through EMODnet. Although there was an initial interest and the metadata was shared with EMODnet, the data itself were – in most cases - not transferred to EMODnet. The main reason for not sharing related to legal matters, or the request was passed on to a higher level or national panel without any further feedback.

The institutes that were positive about data sharing, mostly opted to share the data through web-services. In most cases, these web services are however still under development at the different institutes. When explaining that they can also send a physical copy of their dataset to EMODnet to get started and then make use of the web services once they are in place, no further response is received. We suspect this is due to the fact that providers feel they have no further control of their data when they send a physical copy, which is definitely not true: datasets can be updated or withdrawn from the system at any given time and the data provider always has the final decision.

maintenance report

executive summary of maintenance report