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Call for proposals for project on maritime spatial planning in North Sea/North East Atlantic

Published on: Tue, 11/08/2009 - 11:58
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    A call for proposals has been issued for a preparatory action on maritime spatial planning in the North Sea\North East Atlantic. The deadline for submitting proposals is 28 September 2009.

    The preparatory action on maritime spatial planning aims to gather practical knowledge and experience in the implementation of maritime spatial planning in a cross-border context. Despite the ongoing activities of EU Member States in implementing Maritime Spatial Planning at national or regional level, cross-border cooperation between Member States remains very limited. The preparatory action therefore seeks to develop a common model, cross-border, ecosystem based approach towards maritime spatial planning in the North Sea/North East Atlantic. The main objectives of this action are to encourage concrete, cross- border cooperation among European countries on maritime spatial planning, and to test the applicability in practice of the 10 key principles identified by the above-mentioned Roadmap. The process of developing maritime spatial planning in sea areas shared by several Member States, and the drafting of maritime spatial plans for selected areas, should test maritime spatial planning key principles in a cross-border context and identify possible gaps or lessons to be learned. Furthermore, potential barriers in the implementation of maritime spatial planning shall be identified and additional recommendations shall be worked out in view of the further development of a common approach towards the application of maritime spatial planning.

    The action must involve at least two North Sea/North East Atlantic (area as defined by OSPAR) coastal EU Member States. The actions may also involve relevant international organisations, such as the Regional Sea Convention (OSPAR). Coastal Member States from other European sea areas may join the action as observers. Participation of non EU Member States is possible, but no co-financing will be provided to them. No project will be eligible in which the lead partner is a non EU Member State. Deadline for submitting proposals: 28 september 2009

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