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Meeting on assessing risk to marine species outside Japanese EEZ following accident at Fukushima

Event date:
16/05/2011 - 10:00 to 16:00
Table of Contents

      Rue Joseph II, 99; 1000 Brussels

      Room 05/SDR


      outcome of meeting

    1. measurements of contamination in sea
      1. where are measuring stations?
      2. what are spatial and temporal trends in measurements?
      3. how is data obtained and from who?
    2. simulations of contaminant transport in Pacific (University of Toulouse)
      1. what are spatial and temporal trends?
      2. How is model validated and what is confidence?
      3. What further work needed?
    3. measurements of contamination in fish landed in Japan (DG-MARE)
      1. what is spatial and species distribution?
      2. How was data obtained?
    4. Results of measurements outside Japan
      1. EU Member States have been monitoring imports and no contamination found. Do we know what has been sampled?
    5. relationship between contamination in sea and contamination in fish
      1. comparison of Japanese correlation with that of IRSN
    6. migratory behaviour of pelagic fish in western Pacific
      1. can fish (skipjack but also albacore, bigeye and swordfish) feed in contaminated zone and be caught outside)
    7. risk to European consumers of fish and fisheries products from western Pacific
      1. from all the above analysis do we believe that there is a risk from fish caught outside the Japanese 200 mile limit and should imports from this area be monitored?
      2. How do we report the risk?
    8. future work plans
      1. are there any plans to continue monitoring this area?
      2. Can we have a common data pool (we shouldn't all need to digitise the reports separately)?
      3. What are future plans for participants on this issue
      4. communication between those looking at different aspects of risk (facebook group?, e-mail list, web-pages?)
    9. Reporting this meeting