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Council of Baltic Sea States Expert Group on Maritime Policy

Event date:
11/05/2010 - 16:00
Table of Contents

    in Klaipeda, Lithuania

    Venue: University of Klaipeda main campus, room: Aula Magna, Herkaus Manto str. 84, LT - 92294, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Additional information can be found at

    Item 1: Opening

    • The Chair’s welcoming words
    • Presentation round, especially new members and guests
    • Practicalities

    Item 2: Adoption of the Agenda

    Item 3: Approval of the minutes of the meeting of the EGMP held in Copenhagen on 9 March 2010

    • (Draft Minutes to be sent out on 23 April 2010)

    Item 4: Virtual communication platform of the EGMP

    • The Secretariat/Ms. Sandra Lielbarde informs on proceedings in the work on the EGMP virtual communication platform
    • The European Commission/Mr. Iain Shepherd presents web tool The European Maritime Forum and possibilities to create link to EGMP virtual communication platform
    • The meeting is invited to discuss and decide upon the next steps, including cooperation with The European Maritime Forum

    Item 5: Marine science, research and development

    • Mr. Andris Andrusaitis, Program Manager of BONUS Baltic Organisations Network for Funding Science (EEIG) presents the current developments of BONUS
    • The meeting is invoted to discuss the cooperation between the EGMP and BONUS

    Item 6: Maritime spatial planning/VASAB

    • Mr. Talis Linkaits (tbc), Head of Secretariat, Baltic Sea Region, Spatial Planning Initiative VASAB, briefs on the work of VASAB in the field of martime spatial planning
    • The meeting is invited to discuss the issue and especially the cooperation between the EGMP and VASAB

    Item 7: Norway’s action plan 2010/2011

    • Norway briefs on its plans for the CBSS/EGMP Chairmanship period between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011
    • The Meeting is invited to discuss the issue

    Item 8: A general discussion on Baltic Sea matters

    • - Meeting is invited to share information and discuss ongoing political and other developments having impact on the work of the EGMP

    Item 9: Any Other Business

    Item 10: Next Meeting

    Item 11: Closing of the Meeting