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The Maritime Forum aims to improve communication amongst EU maritime policy stakeholders. It allows parties interested in the EU maritime policy to communicate on a common platform. They can publish events, documents and follow developments in their areas of interest. Information can be shared amongst a closed community or published openly. Anybody can register to the forum and comment on its content.

BlueInvest Market Opportunity Snapshots


Last update: 14/07/21

Join the Ocean Literacy Festival in the Mediterranean Sea

The EU4Ocean Coalition is looking for a new round of engaging ocean literacy events. From science shows, arts performances, science cafés or workshops to public debates and educational activities for young changemakers and other audiences. There is no limit to your imagination, so join us in making the Med blue!

Start date: 24/09/2021 (All day)
Last update: 12/07/21

The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling all young people in the Mediterranean Sea area!

This new call for project proposals of the Youth4Ocean Forum is designed to promote the ideas of young changemakers in the Mediterranean Sea basin region.

Start date: 24/09/2021 (All day)
Last update: 12/07/21

Clustering and synergies project kicks off

the aim is to evaluate and cluster bottom-up projects funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund from 2016 to 2020

Start date: 14/06/2021 (All day)
Last update: 09/07/21

Map of the Week – Global sea surface temperature regional trend

The Map of the Week shows the spatial distribution of the mean sea surface temperature trends over the Global Ocean since 1993.

Last update: 02/07/21

Map of the Week – Aquaculture

The Map of the Week shows aquaculture production by country. Aquaculture production refers to the farming of aquatic - freshwater or saltwater - organisms such as fish, molluscs, crustaceans and plants for human use or consumption under controlled conditions.

Last update: 25/06/21

Map of the Week – Rivers and lakes

The Map of the Week shows the main European rivers and lakes. Drainage networks and associated drainage basins form complex functional entities important not only for hydrological processes but also for environmental processes at large.

Last update: 18/06/21

EC Ocean Observation event (18 June 2021)


Last update: 17/06/21

Meet a Blue Expert #3: How to succeed the crowdfunding of your ocean project?

In the third episode of Meet a Blue Expert the Youth4Ocean Forum will welcome Pierre-Maël Deffontaines, Institutional Relations Officer at Ekosea.

Last update: 17/06/21

Last chance to register! Join us at the European Atlas of the Seas Ocean Literacy Workshop!

On 16 June 2021 14:00-17:00 CEST, the EMODnet Secretariat will organise an online workshop on the European Atlas of the Seas in the framework of the EMODnet Open Conference!

Last update: 14/06/21

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