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Marine litter

We don't know exactly how much comes to the sea through rivers, how much is washed off beaches and how much is lost from ships. But when we find plastic bottletops in the stomachs of birds or turtles, we know that something needs to be done.

Workshop on circular design of fishing gear

Circa 11.000 tons of end of life fishing gear end up into European seas yearly. Single-use Plastics Directive, adopted 5 June 2019, among other things provides a requirement for the European Commission to request European Standardization Organization (ESO) to develop a standard for the circular design of the fishing gear. Indeed, 80% of negative environmental impact of products at the end of life could be reduced at the product design stage. To date design and development of fishing gear has not incorporated environmental considerations (ecodesign) including circularity. A European standard will provide guidelines on how to voluntarily improve this.

Start date: 19/02/2020 (All day)
Last update: 27/02/20

MAC & NWWAC Workshop on Marine Plastics and the Seafood Supply Chain

Interpretation Directorate (SCIC), Rue de la Loi 102, Brussels 07 November 2019, 08:30 – 17:00

Start date: 07/11/2019 (All day)
Last update: 23/01/20


how much is lost and what can we do about it?

Start date: 04/07/2019 (All day)
Last update: 25/07/19

Workshop on lost containers

numbers lost, harm, prevention

Start date: 04/07/2019 (All day)
Last update: 05/07/19

Marine Litter Baselines

workshop to discuss baselines for marine litter in European seas

Start date: 14/03/2017 (All day)
Last update: 13/03/17

MARELITT Brussels Workshop ‘Developing pilot projects on marine litter removal’

MARELITT project will develop pilot projects in each sea basin to remove marine litter from the sea

Start date: 13/05/2014 (All day)
Last update: 26/02/17

2nd Marine Litter High-Level Preparatory Meeting

  2nd Marine Litter High-Level Preparatory MeetingBrussels, 30 November 2011Room Avenue de Beaulieu 5, room C   DRAFT AGENDA    

Start date: 30/11/2011 - 08:45
Last update: 28/11/11

Waste Free Oceans - event at European Parliament

Welcome by Waste Free Oceans Chairwoman Anna Riosbach MEP   Chris Davies MEP Overview of Waste Free Oceans

Start date: 18/10/2011 - 07:00
Last update: 19/10/11

Fishing for Litter - The European Plastics Converters Annual meeting AGENDA

12:30-14:00 Marine litter Moderator - Bernard Merkx (EuPR President) Panel debate Anna Rosbach - Member of the European Parliament, ENV Committee Bernhard Borgardt - EuPC President Representative from European Commission François Galgani - Ifremer

Start date: 20/05/2011 - 09:00
Last update: 27/05/11