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Minutes of the 3rd European Atlas of the Seas Steering Committee (SC) Meeting

The European Atlas of the Seas Steering Committee meets twice a year to review progress and set the priorities for future developments.

Last update: 29/05/19

Map of the week - Community structural aid

This week the European elections take place. Therefore, in this map of the week, we are highlighting one of the European Commissions’ initiatives to improve the lives of EU citizens and the marine environment.

Last update: 24/05/19

Map of the week - European Maritime Day in my country 2019

This year’s EMD2019 is in Lisbon, happening now! Our “Map of the week” is a special one prepared especially for this edition of the European Maritime Day!

Last update: 17/05/19

Map of the week – Aquaculture production

This week the Seafood Expo took place in Brussels, the world’s largest trade fair in the fisheries sector, with 1,850 exhibitors from 79 countries. For the occasion, we decided to feature one of the world's fastest-growing food sectors, aquaculture, with a “Map of the week”.

Last update: 10/05/19

The European Atlas of the Seas, for the first time at Seafood Expo Global!

If you are visiting the fair, come and experiment with our interactive web mapping application at the European Commission stand (7-1411), on 8 May 2019.

Last update: 07/05/19

Map of the week – Submerged landscapes

This week we continue our series about geology and the wonders that we can find underwater by presenting a new map layer on submerged landscapes.

Last update: 03/05/19

Map of the week – Submarine volcanoes

In Europe there are many examples of submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean Sea, particularly the Tyrrhenian Sea off the west coast of Italy. And the Canary islands, located off North Africa’s west coast, are a volcanic island chain with active submarine volcanoes in the surrounding waters. Explore the “Map of the week” and learn more about our underwater landscape!

Last update: 26/04/19

Map of the week - Accident density

Our “Map of the week”, provided by EMSA, gives an overview of accident density (high, medium and low) in the seas around Europe (data from 2009). Factors such as the weather, the nature of the coastline and traffic density have a significant effect on the number and types of accidents that occur in a region.

Last update: 19/04/19

Map of the week – Coastal migration (satellite data)

Our “Map of the week”, powered by satellite data, provides a birds-eye view on how Europe’s coastlines have been changing over the last 10 years. In this new map, users can visualise pan-European coastal behaviour for 2007-2017 and distinguish areas of landward migration (erosion or submergence), stability, and seaward migration (accretion or emergence).

Last update: 12/04/19

Map of the week – Posidonia oceanica distribution (seagrass species)

Many species of seagrass exist and four are natives of European waters . Some are distributed all over Europe’s coastal waters while others, like the Posidonia oceanica, are strictly Mediterranean. As March was “Seagrass Awareness Month”, we decided to continue to celebrate the essential role of these marine species and their contribution to the biodiversity with a “Map of the week”!

Last update: 05/04/19