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European Atlas of the Seas

shows the richness and diversity of the seas and oceans that wash the shores of Europe

Map of the week – High frequency radar

The map of the week features the locations of High Frequency Radar systems along European coasts, as well as the near real time sea surface current velocity maps they produce.

Last update: 20/03/20

Map of the week – Number of beach litter items

The map of the weak features the average number of litter items per 100 m stretch of beach along the European coasts.

Last update: 13/03/20

Map of the week – Marine Installations

The map of the week features the locations of the infrastructures listed in the EurOcean Marine Research Infrastructures Database.

Last update: 06/03/20

Map of the week – Integrated Maritime Surveillance Projects

The map of the week features the extents of the marine regions covered by different Integrated Maritime Surveillance Projects.

Last update: 28/02/20

Map of the week – MSP: Aquaculture and wind farms

To illustrate the growth of new blue economy activities and the need for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), the map of the week is featuring the locations of aquaculture farms of shell and finfish, as well as the location of wind energy farms.

Last update: 21/02/20

Map of the week – Fishing Intensity

The map of the week shows the fishing intensity in European waters derived from vessel position information through Automatic Identification System (AIS) messages.

Last update: 14/02/20

Map of the week – Argo floats

The map of the week shows the near real-time positions of the Argo floats that are currently drifting around in the ocean.

Last update: 07/02/20

Map of the week – Seabed Litter

The map of week features the relative proportions of different materials found at the seabed of our European seas

Last update: 31/01/20

Map of the week – Tsunamis origin points

Our map of the week features historic tsunami origin points in European waters.

Last update: 24/01/20

Map of the week – Quotas by country and fishing zone

The map of the week features the fisheries quotas (in tonnes) for the different fishing zones and for each of the EU Countries.

Last update: 17/01/20