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Call for Proposals for IMP-related actions in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean

The main aim of this call is to support coordinated action in the context of the IMP, which will carry inter-sectoral and cross-border elements. The call seeks to promote mutual understanding, awareness-raising and joint responses to well-identified challenges hindering integration between maritime sectors in areas such as marine research, coastal and maritime tourism, maritime transport, marine environment, business and skills development, and clustering of maritime activities. Given these varied targets, the call will award one grant to each of the following actions:
Created: 29/07/15 | Updated: 11/11/15

Blue Growth country and sea-basin reports (Mediterranean, Adriatic & Ionian, and the Black Sea)

Please address your queries to:
Created: 16/04/14 | Updated: 16/09/15

Second Black Sea Stakeholder Conference - Video recording of the event

The Second Black Sea Stakeholder conference in Sofia took stock of the work carried out during last year and outlined further steps in the process towards a common maritime agenda in the Black Sea. Below you can find the video recordings of the speeches and the panel discussions.
Created: 31/08/15 | Updated: 01/09/15

Study on maritime clusters in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

DG MARE has commissioned a study to provide policy makers at the EU and sea-basin levels an updated analysis of the current status and potential development of maritime clusters in the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas.

are the marine data in the Black Sea fit for use? Checkpoint

Similar exercises for Mediterranean and North Sea are at half way point. Black Sea checkpoint joins those for Arctic and Baltic that are just starting.
Created: 17/07/15 | Updated: 17/07/15

Second Black Sea Stakeholder Conference, 24 March 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Second Black Sea Stakeholder conference in Sofia will take stock of the work carried out during last year and outline further steps in the process towards a common maritime agenda in the Black Sea.
Created: 25/01/15 | Updated: 01/02/15

New Calls for Tenders and Proposals on Maritime Spatial Planning

With the adoption of the new EU Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning, the Commission aims to expand the development of MSP processes throughout the EU, by facilitating cooperation between Member States in the management of the maritime space in sea basins surrounding the EU.

Marine Knowledge 2020 - 2014 calls for tender launched

The aim is to assess monitoring programmes and data availability in the Arctic, Atlantic, Baltic and Black Sea and to examine how the mapping of water depth in shallow coastal water scould be accelerated.
Created: 13/08/14 | Updated: 17/08/14

Study 2008-11 lot 3: Study on the remuneration of spawning stock biomass

Establishing an analytical approach to estimate potential resource rents for different types of EU fisheries. Comparison of  the current and potential resource rents for the selected fleets. Why this study?


DRAFT  - INTERNATIONAL BLACK SEA DAY ACTIVITIES, 30 OCTOBER - 2 NOVEMBER 2010Dedicating the general theme to the Internatıonal Year of Biodiversity:"BIODIVERSITY IS LIFE"Organised jointly by

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