Maritime Forum

Meeting between NMDIS and Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on Marine Data Management and Sharing 欧盟海洋与渔业总司与中国海洋信息中心就海洋数据管理与分享举行会面

EU China Blue Year Event - forecasting, data, monitoring, planning, indicators 中欧蓝色海洋年-预报、数据、监测、规划与指标研讨会

Potential areas of cooperation EU China on observation and data

2017 BLACK SEA STAKEHOLDER CONFERENCE ON BLUE ECONOMY, 15 September 2017, Batumi (Georgia)

EU China Blue Year - discussions on marine science and data 中欧蓝色海洋年 – 海洋科学和数据研讨会

Commission launches call for proposals worth EUR 1.5m to promote transnational touristic thematic routes in the European coastal areas

Seabed Mapping Workshop Stakeholder Meeting on the Implementation of the Galway Statement –

Risk from contamination of marine environment in Pacific after Fukushima

Outcome of EU-Japan meeting to assess risk to marine environment from Fukushima

EU-Japan meeting on the marine environment after Fukushima

Outcome of meeting on risk to marine life from Fukushima accident

Meeting on assessing risk to marine species outside Japanese EEZ following accident at Fukushima

Offshore Mariculture

Marine Biotechnology Conference