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No definition of algae is generally accepted. One definition is that algae have chlorophyll a as their primary photosynthetic pigment and lack a sterile covering of cells around their reproductive cells". Likewise, the colorless Prototheca under Chlorophyta are all devoid of any chlorophyll. Although cyanobacteria are often referred to as "blue-green algae", most authorities exclude all prokaryotes from the definition of algae

Discover what is behind the EU4Algae Working Group 1: Macroalgae Production

The EU4Algae working groups are in full swing! Over 500 European stakeholders are discussing, debating, connecting and working together on the most pressing challenges for the algae sector. In the upcoming weeks, discover every working group and its specific goals. 

Last update: 30/11/22

EU4Algae interview on Youth & Entrepreneurship: Finding your niche

The EU4Algae working groups are in full swing, with a total of 400 algae stakeholders across Europe discussing, debating, connecting and working together on various topics. In the upcoming weeks, we will introduce the key aspects of each working group, explain their goals and why the algae sector is essential for Europe. 

Last update: 17/11/22

EU4Algae in Rome, 12 December


Start date: 12/12/2022 - 01:00
Last update: 09/11/22

News and events


Last update: 09/11/22

Communication & Media

Last update: 09/11/22

Youth & Entrepreneurship

Last update: 04/11/22

Materials, Chemicals, Bioactives & Algae Biorefining

Last update: 04/11/22

Ecosystem Services & Bioremediation

Last update: 04/11/22

Algae for Feed

Last update: 04/11/22

Algae for Food

Last update: 04/11/22


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