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Stakeholder conference – Towards an intiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean

The European Commission kindly invites you to this Stakeholder conference. The conference will look at challenges and emerging opportunities for sustainable investment and job creation in the blue economy of the western Mediterranean on the 2d of February in Barcelona. Register at

Event date: 02/02/2017 - 17:15
Last update: 20/12/16

Presentations to the 22nd TAG meeting

All the presentations delivered to the 22nd TAG meeting are included in this article

Last update: 30/06/16

21st TAG Meeting 27 11 2015 minutes

Last update: 17/12/15

Presentations delivered to the 21th meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of 18.11.2015

This article contains the presentations delivered at the 21st TAG meeting:

Event date: 18/11/2015 (All day)
Last update: 03/12/15

Minutes of the 19th meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of 01.10.2014

Event date: 01/10/2014 (All day)
Last update: 02/12/15

21st Technical Advisory Group Meeting

Event date: 18/11/2015 (All day)
Last update: 02/12/15

Minutes of the 20th meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of 27.04.2015

Last update: 02/12/15

Big Data for Ocean Governance - lunchtime conference 27 October

operators independent of any national government can build up a picture of maritime activity in any part of the 71% of this planet that is ocean and signal anomalous behaviour such as illegal fishing.

Event date: 27/10/2015 - 12:30
Last update: 29/10/15

Drones and phones - lunchtime conference

Emerging technologies can lower the cost and increase the efficiency of maritime surveillance. Three new technologies will be demonstrated

Event date: 16/03/2015 - 12:30
Last update: 09/04/15

Improvements in SafeSeaNet to integrate in Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE)

results of a study

Last update: 27/09/14

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