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Data Collection Framework
Council Regulation (EC) No 1343/2007 of 13 November 2007 amended Regulation (EC) No 1543/2000 establishing a Community framework for the collection and management of the data needed to conduct the common fisheries policy. Under national programmes, the Member States establish datasets which are multiannual (data measuring the changes in a parameter over a number of years), aggregated (the output resulting from the processing of data for a given period) and incorporate biological and economic information. Collection methods are harmonised at Community level and comply with the relevant international requirements. The Member States must draw up collection programmes, specify procedures and ensure the availability of data.
Study 2007-07 lot 5: Survey of existing bio-economic models

This report presents a review of the existing operating bioeconomic models within the EU. In particular the following models have been reviewed; EIAA, TEMAS, MOSES, BEMMFISH, BIRDMOD (including Aladym), MEFISTO, AHF, EMMFID, SRRMCF, COBAS, COCORP, ECONMULT and FLR (EFIMAS).    

Last update: 28/03/11

Study 2007-03 lot 4: An analysis of existing Rights Based Management (RBM) instruments in Member States and on setting up best practices in the EU

In Europe there is a wide variety of management systems based on fishing rights, like ITQs and fishing licences, in use. This study gives an overview of these systems and shows lessons we can learn from those experiences.   Why this study?

Last update: 22/05/10

Study 2007-3 lot 3: Evaluation of various marker buoy techniques for the marking of passive fishing gears

Practical modifications to Council Regulation (EC) No. 356/2005 that set rules to mark and identify passive fishing gears were proposed. The proposed improvement of current legislation tried to address the concerns and issues raised by stakeholders. Why this study?

Last update: 22/05/10

Study 2006-17 lot 2: Analysis of the economic and social importance of Community fishing fleet using bottom gears in the high seas

  This report presents a description of the Community fleet using bottom gears (fishing gears which are in contact with the seabed) on the high seas (waters located beyond national jurisdiction), together with an analysis of its economic and social importance.

Last update: 22/05/10

Study 2006-17 lot 1: Impact assessment of discard policy for specific fisheries

Based on international experience and stakeholder consultation, a methodological framework was developed for the impact assessment of Commission policy proposals to address discards. The framework was applied and tested in specific EU fisheries. Why this study?

Last update: 22/05/10

Study 2006-15 lot 1: Analysis of difficulties in setting up pilot projects to reduce or eliminate discards in cooperation with the fishing industry in Member States

The report identifies the obstacles in the development of pilot projects aimed at reducing or eliminating discards and to propose solutions to remedy difficulties encountered in the preparation and execution of such projects.  

Last update: 22/05/10


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