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Targeted Stakeholder Consultation

What’s next for the future of our ocean? Consultation on international ocean governance

The European Commission and the European External Action Service have undertaken targeted consultation to assess development needs and options for the International Ocean Governance Agenda (JOIN(2016) 49),  the EU’s plan of action  to improve the international framework, reduce pressures, facilitate a sustainable blue economy, and strengthen international ocean research and data.

The targeted consultation aims to identify opportunities for action in light of today’s challenges and opportunities in international ocean governance to deliver the Sustainable Development Goal on the oceans (SDG14) under the 2030 Agenda in support of the European Green Deal.

Concretely, the objectives of the consultation are to:

  • re-examine the EU's role in international ocean governance;
  • re-examine the three priorities of the current Agenda, its goals and the actions thereunder; and
  • identify new policy areas or actions to tackle existing and emerging challenges.

Stakeholders within and beyond Europe including public authorities, policy-makers, international organisations, NGOs, financial institutions, academic, scientific, social and economic partners are encouraged to participate.

Submissions for the consultation closed on 15 October. The analysed submissions will then factor into the discussions of the online IOG Forum stakeholder conference from December 14-16, as well as contribute to the final recommendations presented by the IOG Forum.

Online workshops of the IOG Forum

Workshops were held online in June and July 2020 with the aim of bringing together small groups of experts to discuss solutions and opportunities addressing key International Ocean Governance

Last update: 16/07/20

Targeted consultation

What’s next for the future of our ocean? Consultation on international ocean governance

Last update: 16/07/20

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