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Europe's 2020 strategy recognises that knowledge drives innovation, which in turn brings growth that is both sustainable and smart. For the maritime economy much of this knowledge depends on observations of the rhythms and cycles of the sea. However, the data collected through these observations can only generate knowledge and innovation if Europe's engineers and scientists are able to find, access, assemble and apply them efficiently and rapidly. At present this is not the case. The Commission's "Marine Knowledge 2020" initiative aims to unlock and assemble marine data from different sources and facilitate their use.

Map of the week – Maritime impact

This map of the week shows the percentage of the population living in maritime service areas

Last update: 24/04/20

Map of the week – Waste discharge in ports

The map of the week shows the location of reported waste discharge from ships.

Last update: 17/04/20

Map of the week – Regional Sea Conventions

The map of the week shows the maritime regions covered by each of these Regional Sea Conventions.

Last update: 10/04/20

Map of the week – Seagrass distribution

The map of the week shows the predicted distribution of Posidinoa oceanica, a seagrass species that lives in the Mediterranean Sea.

Last update: 03/04/20

Map of the week - Marine biodiversity

The map of the week shows the number of species and observations per sea region in the year of 2011 based on the information collected by the European Ocean Biogeographic Information System (EurOBIS) and available through EMODnet Biology.

Last update: 03/04/20

EMODnet bathymetry - we've come a long way

presentations given to EMODnet secretariat, EASME, DG MARE and other EMODnet partners

Start date: 20/03/2020 - 08:30
Last update: 24/03/20

Map of the week – High frequency radar

The map of the week features the locations of High Frequency Radar systems along European coasts, as well as the near real time sea surface current velocity maps they produce.

Last update: 20/03/20

Map of the week – Number of beach litter items

The map of the weak features the average number of litter items per 100 m stretch of beach along the European coasts.

Last update: 13/03/20

Next phase of EMODnet

continual evolution based on feedback from users

Last update: 13/03/20

Map of the week – Marine Installations

The map of the week features the locations of the infrastructures listed in the EurOcean Marine Research Infrastructures Database.

Last update: 06/03/20

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