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Europe's 2020 strategy recognises that knowledge drives innovation, which in turn brings growth that is both sustainable and smart. For the maritime economy much of this knowledge depends on observations of the rhythms and cycles of the sea. However, the data collected through these observations can only generate knowledge and innovation if Europe's engineers and scientists are able to find, access, assemble and apply them efficiently and rapidly. At present this is not the case. The Commission's "Marine Knowledge 2020" initiative aims to unlock and assemble marine data from different sources and facilitate their use.

Map of the Week – Global mean sea level regional trend

The Map of the Week shows the global mean sea level regional trend over the period 1993-2019.

Last update: 05/03/21

Map of the Week – Aquaculture production by species

The Map of the Week shows aquaculture production by species and country.

Last update: 26/02/21

European Ocean Observing: EMODnet input to EC Consultation and European Parliament SEARICA event, 23 February 2021

From Autumn 2020 to February 2021 the European Commission (DG MARE) launched a public consultation towards a common EU approach to ocean observation. The consultation took part in two phases and aimed to gather opinions on the effectiveness, efficiency and fitness for purpose of ocean observation by the EU and its member states.

Last update: 26/02/21

Map of the Week – Ferrybox

The Map of the Week shows the position of ferryboxes in our seas and oceans worldwide. This information is supplied in near real-time by EMODnet Physics. The ferrybox is an automated surface water monitoring system fitted to the through-flow system of a ship.

Last update: 19/02/21

EMODnet: Providing Open Data, supporting Maritime Spatial Planning - New video and dataset

The EMODnet Secretariat is delighted to release EMODnet for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), the third video of a series of eight illustrating the fundamental role of EMODnet in society.

Last update: 18/02/21

Map of the Week – Posidonia oceanica distribution

The Map of the Week shows the distribution of Posidonia oceanica (commonly known as Neptune grass or Mediterranean tape weed), a seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea.

Last update: 12/02/21

SEArica event on Ocean Observation

Online event on Ocean Observation, organised by the SEARICA Intergroup of the European Parliament in cooperation with the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission and the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions.

Last update: 11/02/21

Map of the Week – Global sea surface temperature regional trend

The Map of the Week, a new map just published this week in the European Atlas of the Seas, shows the global sea surface temperature regional trend over the period 1993- 2018 based on data provided by the Copernicus Marine Service.

Last update: 05/02/21

EMODnet Secretariat progress update – 4th Quarter 2020

This update is based on the quarterly progress reports of the different EMODnet projects (Thematic Portals, Data Ingestion Portal) supplemented with updates from the Secretariat. The summary below constitutes the sixteenth update since the start of the EMODnet Development Phase III (2017-2021), and refers to all activities developed within EMODnet for the period October-November-December 2020.

Last update: 29/01/21

2021: A milestone year for EMODnet

At the onset of each New Year, we like to take a moment to reflect on the past, consider our main achievements and look forward to what the coming year will bring for our evolving network of partners and users.

Last update: 29/01/21

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