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Europe's 2020 strategy recognises that knowledge drives innovation, which in turn brings growth that is both sustainable and smart. For the maritime economy much of this knowledge depends on observations of the rhythms and cycles of the sea. However, the data collected through these observations can only generate knowledge and innovation if Europe's engineers and scientists are able to find, access, assemble and apply them efficiently and rapidly. At present this is not the case. The Commission's "Marine Knowledge 2020" initiative aims to unlock and assemble marine data from different sources and facilitate their use.

Explore Your Ocean with the European Atlas of the Seas and Find the Treasure!

There is a treasure in the European Atlas of the Seas' map on European Maritime Day in my Country 2021! We will explore the map to find the treasure during a workshop at the online Ocean Literacy Festival organised by the EU4Ocean Coalition on 22 May 2021. Join us!

Start date: 22/05/2021 - 14:00
Last update: 12/05/21

Map of the Week – Countries

The Map of the Week shows the Member States of the European Union, the candidate and potential candidate countries for European Union membership. For each country, key information is included such as size, population, capital city, flag ... Click on the countries to learn more.

Last update: 07/05/21

Map of the Week – Seabed litter - Fishing related items density

The Map of the Week on seabed litter shows the density of fishing related items at the seafloor expressed as the average number of items collected by fish-trawl surveys over the period of one year. Note that the absence of collected data in some areas does not mean they are free from fishing related items.

Last update: 30/04/21

EMODnet Secretariat progress update – 1st Quarter 2021

This report provides an update of EMODnet progress accumulated over the first quarter of 2021, and is based on the quarterly progress reports of the different EMODnet projects (Thematic Portals, Data Ingestion Portal) supplemented with updates from the Secretariat. The summary below constitutes the seventeenth update since the start of the EMODnet Development Phase III (2017-2021), and refers to all activities developed within EMODnet for the period January-February-March 2021.

Last update: 30/04/21

Online ocean literacy workshop on the European Atlas of the Seas

Join us for the ocean literacy workshop on the European Atlas of the Seas organised by the EMODnet Secretariat in the framework of the EMODnet Open Conference to learn about the many different aspects of the Atlas!

Start date: 16/06/2021 - 14:00
Last update: 27/04/21

Online workshop 'Ocean literacy through visualisation and storytelling: local, regional and international examples'

Take part in this European Maritime Day workshop hosted by the Irish Ocean Literacy Network to hear the most inspiring ocean literacy stories!

Start date: 20/05/2021 - 16:45
Last update: 27/04/21

Map of the Week – Marine bird observations

The Map of the Week shows the marine bird observations available in the European Ocean Biodiversity Information System (EurOBIS) database.

Last update: 23/04/21

Map of the Week – Underwater noise indicator

The Map of the Week shows the number of calendar days during which impulsive noise was registered in an area defined by a common grid (1/3° by 1/6°), known as Pulse Block Day units.

Last update: 16/04/21

Map of the Week – Marine Protected Areas

The Map of the Week shows the ratio of Marine Protected Area to terrestrial area for each European country.

Last update: 09/04/21

Map of the Week – Algae Production Facilities

The Map of the Week shows macroalgae-producing facilities (aquaculture and harvesting) and microalgae-producing facilities by production methods.

Last update: 02/04/21

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