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Europe's 2020 strategy recognises that knowledge drives innovation, which in turn brings growth that is both sustainable and smart. For the maritime economy much of this knowledge depends on observations of the rhythms and cycles of the sea. However, the data collected through these observations can only generate knowledge and innovation if Europe's engineers and scientists are able to find, access, assemble and apply them efficiently and rapidly. At present this is not the case. The Commission's "Marine Knowledge 2020" initiative aims to unlock and assemble marine data from different sources and facilitate their use.

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Last update: 29/11/20

Map of the Week – Employment in the established blue economy

The map of the week shows the employment in the Blue Economy as a percentage of the overall active population. Click on a country of interest, to learn how employment is distributed over the different established Blue Economy sectors and how employment in the Blue Economy has changed over time.

Last update: 27/11/20

WebODV - Your new favourite Tool for Online Exploration and Extraction of EMODnet Chemistry Data

EMODnet Chemistry's webODV provides fast and easy access to EMODnet Chemistry datasets, and seamlessly lets users explore, visualize and extract subsets of the data simply by using their web browser. No software installation or download of the sometimes very large datasets to the user’s computer is necessary.

Last update: 24/11/20

Map of the Week – Offshore renewable energy

The map of the week shows the location of both offshore wind and ocean energy projects throughout European waters.

Last update: 20/11/20

Map of the Week – Exclusive Economic Zones

The map of the week shows the European Union Member States’ Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)

Last update: 13/11/20

Map of the Week – Seawater finfish farms

The map of the week provides information about the location of seawater finfish farms in the European Union and partner countries.

Last update: 09/11/20

8th EMODnet Technical Working Group Meeting Autumn 2020 - Thursday 12 November 2020 (9:00-12:30) & 13 November 2020 (9:00-13:00)

Dates: Thursday 12 November 2020 (9:00-12:30) & 13 November 2020 (9:00-13:00)

Start date: 12/11/2020 - 10:00
Last update: 04/11/20

Invitation to Webinar - Introducing a new Marine Arctic Data Portal powered by EMODnet Physics

EMODnet Physics has developed a prototype data portal with advanced data services providing straightforward access to centrally-curated circumpolar datasets and metadata records. The portal is composed of a map interface displaying the spatial distribution of observing platforms and plotting tools for datasets. The open webinar will present the new portal to interested stakeholders § register here:

Start date: 27/11/2020 - 14:00
Last update: 02/11/20

Map of the Week – Seabed Litter Density

The map of the week shows the density of seafloor litter (all categories) expressed as the average number of litter pieces collected by fish-trawl surveys over a period of one year.

Last update: 30/10/20

EMODnet Secretariat progress update - 3rd quarter 2020

This update is based on the quarterly progress reports of the different EMODnet projects (Thematic Portals, Data Ingestion Portal) supplemented with updates from the Secretariat. This is the fifteenth Secretariat progress report since the start of the EMODnet Development Phase III (2017-2021). It covers activities developed within EMODnet for the period July-August-September 2020.

Last update: 30/10/20

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