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Europe's 2020 strategy recognises that knowledge drives innovation, which in turn brings growth that is both sustainable and smart. For the maritime economy much of this knowledge depends on observations of the rhythms and cycles of the sea. However, the data collected through these observations can only generate knowledge and innovation if Europe's engineers and scientists are able to find, access, assemble and apply them efficiently and rapidly. At present this is not the case. The Commission's "Marine Knowledge 2020" initiative aims to unlock and assemble marine data from different sources and facilitate their use.

Map of the week – Fishing vessel density

The map of the week shows the density of fishing vessels in European waters derived using AIS technology.

Last update: 29/05/20

Covid-19 has reduced fishing activity in European waters

An analysis by the EMODnet human activity team using vessel density maps derived from vessels anti-collision equipment shows significant changes compared to a year ago

Last update: 28/05/20

Public consultation on "strengthening our knowledge in support of the European Green Deal call"

Topic 3: A transparent and accessible ocean. Towards a Digital Twin of the Ocean

Last update: 27/05/20

European Sustainable Energy Week - Green Deal and Ocean Observation

The objective of the session is to bring private bodies responsible for the offshore renewables industry together with public authorities to begin a conversation on barriers to a more integrated approach to ocean observation and how to overcome them.

Start date: 29/06/2020 - 15:00
Last update: 26/05/20

Map of the week – Predictive habitat map for MSFD

The map of the week features the latest EUSeaMap (from 2019) that shows the predicted distribution of the different Benthic Broad Habitat types defined by the MSFD throughout European waters.

Last update: 20/05/20

EMODnet themes - presentations Spring 2020

THe EMODnet thematic groups have been presenting their work to other partners during the Coronavirus lockdown

Last update: 18/05/20

12th EMODnet Steering Committee Meeting Spring 2020

bringing it all under one roof

Last update: 17/05/20

5th Steering Committee Meeting of the European Atlas of the Seas

The Atlas represents 14% of page views on the DGMARE

Last update: 17/05/20

Map of the week – European Maritime Day

This map of the week shows the venues for the annual European Maritime Day stakeholder conference since its inception.

Last update: 15/05/20

Map of the week – Seabed litter – Fishing related items density

The map of the week shows the density of fishing-related items at the seafloor.

Last update: 08/05/20

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