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EU4Ocean Platform


Let’s make Europe Blue: Join the EU4Ocean for Ocean Literacy Summit

After more than 2 years, the EU4Ocean Coalition is rewarding and celebrating the efforts of its members and their most outstanding initiatives to date, and is looking forward to the future!

Save the dates

  • 19 May to join the EU4Ocean Coalition booth and exhibition space
  • 20 May to join the Ocean Literacy EU4Ocean Summit
  • 21 May to participate in the Ocean Literacy Festival!


About the EU4Ocean Platform

By joining an active group of organisations, initiatives and people, members of the EU4Ocean Platform benefit from sharing of ideas, build partnerships and join forces to deliver a more coordinated approach to ocean literary activities in Europe. Let us unite and collectively build momentum for European ocean literacy, encouraging other initiatives to join the movement. At the core of the platform is the exchange of expertise, knowledge and best practices in ocean literacy. Members create synergies and new collective initiatives that can reach broader audiences thereby generating larger impact.


Become a Member of the EU4Ocean Platform

Are you interested to become a member of the platform? Want to know what is involved? Read the key facts from our Terms of Reference to find out more and find out who is already involved on the members’ page. We are looking forward to receive applications! You can apply to become a member by filling out an online application form on this website.


Events & Activities of the EU4Ocean Platform

Keep up to date with the events and activities of the EU4Ocean Platform


Working Groups

The EU4Ocean Platform members meet in Working Groups (WGs) around particular themes/topics, including Climate and Ocean, Food from the Ocean and Healthy and Clean Ocean.

EU4Ocean Platform Synergies


What can you contribute as a Platform Member?

You have recently become a member of the EU4Ocean Platform and you have joined one or several Working Groups. Did you know you can also contribute to EU4Ocean in many other ways?

Wish to know more? Contact us at


Get to Know the EU4Ocean Platform Members

Interested in discovering who the members of the EU4Ocean Platform are and what they do? The EU4Ocean Platform brings together a wide diversity of stakeholders spanning the areas of marine research, science-policy, blue economy industry and the private sector, civil society, arts, education, youth and media. Check out the members in our overview or the interactive map with detailed information on each member.


Join the wave and spread the word!

You want to learn more about the activities of the EU4Ocean Platform and its members? Check out the hashtag #EU4Ocean on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Join the wave and tag your posts with #EU4Ocean!


Make Europe Blue Campaign

A multitude of threats including climate change, overfishing and pollution is putting our ocean at risk, and changing course requires us to work together. As part of the EU4Ocean Coalition, the Make Europe Blue campaign is calling on you - citizens, businesses, organisations, authorities, celebrities, educators - to make a pledge to help the ocean. Your pledge is a personal promise or action that will keep our ocean healthy. Every action – even the smallest one - brings change to our ocean!

Check out the campaign page and get inspired by the pledges of journalists, educators, policy-makers, activists and organisations engaged in ocean protection.


About the EU4Ocean Coalition

The EU4Ocean Platform is part of the EU4Ocean Coalition, which connects diverse organisations, projects and people that contribute to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the ocean. Supported by the European Commission, this bottom-up inclusive initiative aims at uniting the voices of Europeans to make the ocean a concern of everyone. In addition to the Platform, the EU4Ocean Coalition includes the Youth4Ocean Forum and the Network of European Blue Schools.

A story of the plastic bag

Workshop / Interactive activities

Last update: 21/09/21

“Our Sea” - Let’s make the Mediterranean blue

Practical marine science experiment or science show / Learning activity / Training session / Video / Documentary film / Guided tour

Last update: 21/09/21

Ocean Careers Workshop

Science café / Workshop / Seminar / Video

Last update: 21/09/21

Indicit II Exhibition

(Virtual) Exhibition about a marine topic including arts or photos / Video / Documentary film

Last update: 21/09/21

Training with Remote Sensing Tools used under the EPIPELAGIC project

Learning activity / Training session / MOOC

Last update: 21/09/21

Carriere blu al femminile - Blue Jobs for Women

Science café / workshop / conference / seminar / video

Last update: 21/09/21

Alla scoperta dell’acqua alta! 3rd Kid Acqua Alta Discovery

Practical marine science experiment or science show

Last update: 21/09/21

Eurofleets+ Research Vessel Virtual Open Day

Guided tour / Commented boat excursion / Video

Last update: 21/09/21

Exploring the coast of Lerici - Trekking from the beach of Venere Azzurra to Falconara

Guided tour / Walk / Scientific eco-tour

Last update: 21/09/21

Microplastics: Let's discover them together!

Science café / workshop / science show

Last update: 21/09/21


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