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A new platform for the Baltic Blue Bioeconomy

Kick-off event of the new Blue Platform for the BSR project took place in Helsinki on 5-6 November.

Last update: 15/11/18

Finland, Portugal and Spain announce collaboration on Blue Bioeconomy

On 1 October 2018, Finland, Portugal and Spain have announced further collaboration on Bioeconomy, and more especially in the Blue Bioeconomy sector

Last update: 16/10/18

Seagriculture 2018 (7th International Seaweed Conference)

Place: Galway, Ireland

Start date: 06/11/2018 (All day)
Last update: 28/09/18

AlgaEurope 2018

Place: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Start date: 04/12/2018 (All day)
Last update: 28/09/18

Mapping Europe’s blue biotech potential

In the past years, European regions have focused on developing Smart Specialisation strategies to respond to the need for transformation and modernisation of their economy. We asked Lucas Bosser from CPMR how European regions have included marine biotechnologies in these strategies.

Last update: 25/09/18

3 questions to Silvia Fluch from ecoduna AG/eparella GmbH

With our "3 questions to" series, we ask business stakeholders their views of the Blue Bioeconomy sector. This month, Silvia Fluch from ecoduna AG/eparella GmbH tells us about sustainability, finding your market, and how to have impact.

Last update: 25/09/18

Tiny algae get set for big things in blue bioeconomy

Microalgae, which play a vital role in ocean ecosystems, are being heralded as a sustainable raw material in food, supplements, animal feed, and a range of non-food uses including bioplastics.

Last update: 21/09/18

A colourful story about a sensitive microalga

New microalgae biorefinery technology using brine water and clever cultivation and harvesting processes paves the way for natural food additives, proteins, colourants and feed stocks, as well as potential treatments for diseases of the skin, eyes, arteries, and even diabetes.

Last update: 19/09/18

Blueprint for the blue bioeconomy

Climate change, poverty, water quality, hunger, population growth … Some of the most pressing global challenges can only be effectively addressed if the planet’s oceans are safe, secure, clean and sustainably managed. These imperatives are at the heart of the Blue Bioeconomy.

Last update: 14/09/18

Share your vision of the Blue Bioeconomy: new stakeholder column

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum launches a new "3 questions to" series where stakeholders are invited to share their thoughts on the Blue Bioeconomy sector, their work, and coming trends.

Last update: 28/08/18

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