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European Atlas of the Seas

The European Atlas of the Seas provides information about Europe’s marine environment. Users can view predefined and ready to use maps, covering topics such as environment, tourism, security, energy, transport, litter, sea bottom, fishing activity, aquaculture, and much more.

Users can also benefit from an enriched catalogue with more than 250 map layers, covering a wide range of topics, to explore, collate and create their own maps. These maps can be printed, shared and embedded in articles or presentations. The Atlas is the ideal tool for schools, researchers and professionals, or anyone wishing to know more about the European seas and its coastal areas.

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Each week, a new “Map of the week” highlighting an interesting map layer is showcased in the Maritime Forum. Dive in and explore your Ocean!

Teachers' corner
Are you a teacher or an educator interested in ocean literacy? The teachers’ corner of the European Atlas of the Seas contains exercises for different age groups as well as communication tools. It is an open platform where you can find and share information, educational material, inspirations and much more!

Discover our teaching resource

Biodiversity quiz

Last update: 17/08/21

Regional Sea Conventions

The correct answer to the question about Regional Sea Conventions is (D) OSPAR. OSPAR is the mechanism by which 15 Governments and the European Union cooperate to protect the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic.

Last update: 17/08/21

Teachers' Guide - Easter Egg

Find our Easter Egg!

Last update: 17/08/21

Easter Egg

Find our Easter Egg!  It is hidden in one of the maps of the European Atlas of the Seas... Can you find it?  Solve the questions and see what happens 

Last update: 17/08/21

Teachers' Guide - Treasure Hunt

We presented the solution to the treasure hunt during a European Atlas of the Seas workshop at the Ocean Literacy Festival in the afternoon of 22 May 2021. Have a look at the presentation:

Last update: 17/08/21

Treasure Hunt

Have you ever heard of a treasure, hidden in a map? Resolve the questions below, travel through the European Atlas of the Seas and find the treasure!

Last update: 17/08/21

On an amazing journey with the European Atlas of the Seas!

Last update: 17/08/21


Look at various presentations on the European Atlas of the Seas.

Last update: 17/08/21


This article includes presentations on the European Atlas of the Seas made by the EMODnet Secretariat at a wide range of general and thematic workshops. When the workshops were recorded, links are also provided to the video of the workshop.

Last update: 17/08/21

Quiz (English)

Do you want to explore the Atlas in a fun way?

Last update: 16/08/21


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