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shows the richness and diversity of the seas and oceans that wash the shores of Europe

Map of the week - Water body dissolved oxygen concentration in winter

Dissolved oxygen is one key parameter that can be used to assess climate change trends and this week, since January is well underway, we present a map of dissolved oxygen concentration in the surface waters of European seas with an example from the winter period

Last update: 18/01/19

Map of the week - Fish stocks by fishing zone

The sustainable management of fish stocks remains a challenge & a priority for food security in Europe & worldwide. Check out our map that shows the proportion of assessed fish stocks that are overfished vs those within safe biological limits

Last update: 16/01/19

Map of the week - Beach Clean up events

For our last “Map of the week” of 2018, we would like to celebrate the hundreds of volunteers who took actions this year to raise awareness of the need to reduce global waste and to protect our ecosystems, marine life and public health.

Last update: 16/01/19

New version of MARATLAS

more user-friendly, more layers

Start date: 11/06/2018 (All day)
Last update: 25/06/18

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