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The bioeconomy comprises those parts of the economy that use renewable biological resources from the sea – such as fish, algaeand micro-organisms – to produce food, feed, materials, energy and medicine

Algae for Food

Last update: 04/11/22

Microalgae & Cyanobacteria production

Last update: 04/11/22

Macroalgae Production

Last update: 04/11/22

EU4Algae | Meet The Team


Last update: 02/09/22

About EU4Algae


Last update: 02/09/22

EU4Algae Members

Last update: 02/09/22

Algae shellfish and nutrients - draft interim report

what will happen to nutrient distribution if algae or shellfish production is dramatically scaled up?

Last update: 24/05/22

Algae and climate

Can producing and consuming more algae make a significant contribution to the achievement of our climate goals?

Last update: 09/05/22

The Future of Food Conference 2022

The Future of Food Conference is a high-level forum, providing a platform for all the stakeholders of the food system to discuss the most pressing challenges and solutions in the EU’s agrifood sector and co-create innovative solutions.

Start date: 16/06/2022 - 08:00
Last update: 25/05/22

How accurate are maps of vessel density derived from AIS signals picked up by satellites?

very interesting preliminary results

Last update: 01/02/22


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