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The bioeconomy comprises those parts of the economy that use renewable biological resources from the sea – such as fish, algaeand micro-organisms – to produce food, feed, materials, energy and medicine

Blue Bio Value Accelerator Programme

to bring marine bio-products to market. September-November 2018. Applications open

Last update: 17/07/18

Romania’s first national workshop on the blue economy

Over fifty stakeholders met in Bucharest on 6 July to discuss Romania’s blue economy – present and future. Mrs. Melania Ciot, Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ms. Maria Magdalena Grigore, Secretary of State for Transport and Ms. Maria-Manuela Catrina, Secretary of State for Communication and Information Society and several European Commission representatives attended the meeting.

Last update: 30/07/18

The First Newsletter of the Blue Bioeconomy Forum is out!

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Last update: 06/07/18

Blue Bioeconomy Roadmap

The Roadmap will identify the sector’s future regulatory, research, financial assistance and product needs. It will identify critical enablers and the blockages that need to be removed to ensure further development in the market. It will therefore also describe the steps required to transfer projects in the pipeline to marketable applications.

Last update: 03/07/18

Join the Blue Bioeconomy Forum working groups!

Call for participation

Last update: 03/07/18

Blue Bioeconomy Portfolio

A pipeline of promising blue bioeconomy initiatives will be presented here, to provide inspiration and to identify and analyse projects’ needs.

Last update: 03/07/18

First activities of the Blue Bioeconomy Forum

Set up of the Steering group and announcement of first working groups

Last update: 04/07/18

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum at BlueInvest 2018

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum (BBF) team attended the Blue Invest 2018 event in Brussels on 17 May to meet blue bioeconomy innovators, take stock of their needs and inform them about the role of the Forum.

Last update: 03/07/18

BioMarine Business Convention

Place: Cascais, Portugal

Start date: 02/10/2018 (All day)
Last update: 03/07/18

Sea Tech Week

Place: Brest, France

Start date: 08/10/2018 (All day)
Last update: 03/07/18

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