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The EU's blue economy employs over 5 million people

8th meeting for developing a Blue Growth Initiative for Research and Innovation in the Black Sea

Objectives: to finalise the SRIA content and prepare it for discussion with the broader stakeholder community at the regional seminar for blue economy on the 19 March in Istanbul

Last update: 04/03/19

Study to support investment for the sustainable development of the blue economy

Competitive multiple framework service contracts for the provision of studies related to the future development of cohesion policy and the ESI funds (Lot 3) : investment platform recommendation - Study

Last update: 01/03/19

High-level conference the future of the blue planet

the Parliament will host a conference on the future of oceans, with panel discussions covering global ocean governance; sustainable blue economy; and healthy, clean seas and oceans by 2030. The conference will start at 14.00 CET with doors opening at noon.

Start date: 19/03/2019 (All day)
Last update: 25/02/19

Community of Practice Workshop Algae production in Europe: status, challenges and future developments

This workshop will bring together relevant specialists from the Commission services and experts from the algae industry to discuss the following topics: Availability and quality of information on the algae production in Europe; The regulatory framework related to algae production and commercial applications with a particular focus on food but also non-food algae uses; The constraints, needs and opportunities for the sustainable development of the sector.

Last update: 25/02/19

Blue Bioeconomy Forum Newsletter #3: the Forum takes off

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Last update: 20/02/19

BBF Working Group meetings: March workshops

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum working groups will meet in Brussels on 11-12 March. Join us to discuss the key challenges identified and help find solutions.

Start date: 11/03/2019 (All day)
Last update: 20/02/19

Towards a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea, Regional Stakeholder Seminar on Blue Economy, 19 March 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

The benefit of regional maritime cooperation and innovation in marine research will again be at the heart of the discussions and how this can be translated into practical advantages for the countries and the coastal communities in the Black Sea. A series of national round tables in various Black Sea coastal countries held in 2018 gathered already the first ideas at national level. On this basis and with the contribution of the stakeholders of the region we will try to refine the objectives and the concrete actions needed to support the blue economy in the region and shape the Common Maritime Agenda.

Last update: 12/02/19

The BBF Stakeholder Event Report is available!

The event report includes information on participants, discussions and results of the working groups.

Last update: 11/02/19

Colloquium on the Challenges of Unexploded Munitions in the Sea, 20 February 2019, Brussels

A discussion on the unexploded munitions and other military ordonnance dumped on the seabed, which continues to be a source of concern all around the world.

Last update: 07/02/19

Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019

See what happened in Malta on 24 January 2019 during this match-making event that brought together innovators and the financial community to sustainably develop the Blue Economy of the Mediterranean Sea basin, while protecting its marine resources: pitch projects presentations, photos, videos, articles.

Last update: 29/01/19

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