Maritime Forum

Workshop on regional cooperation in the North Sea

North Sea checkpoint - how complete, how accessible and how useful are the marine data in the North Sea?

NSRAC WG 18/04/2011 Edinburgh

NSRAC WG 04-05/05/2011 London

NSRAC WG 07/04/2011 Copenhaguen

NSRAC WG 08/04/2011 London

NSRAC WG 18/02/2011 Edinburgh

NSRAC Demersal Working Group meeting

NSRAC EXCOM 28-29/06/2010 Boulogne-sur-Mer

NSRAC WG 26/05/2010 London

NSRAC WG 30/03/2010 LTMP for Nephrops

NSRAC WG 07/4/2010 Brussels

NSRAC WG 30/03/2010 London

NSRAC WG 22/03/2010 Copenhagen

"Working Together to Manage the Marine Resources of the North Sea Region and Channel" (5.1)

Maritime Spatial Planning - information meeting

PELRAC EXCOM 23/11/2009 Amsterdam

PELRAC WG 14/10/2009 Leiden

NSRAC Demersal WG 24/10/2009 Netherlands

NSRAC WGs 25/09/2009 Gothenburg / Edinburgh

Maritime Transport: Scotland’s Sustainable Economic Growth Opportunity

PELRAC EXCOM 17/09/2009 Amsterdam

PELRAC GA 17/09/2009 Amsterdam

PELRAC WGs 1 and 2 16/09/2009 Amsterdam