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Photo 'Mediterranean with Bathymetry' by Adam Hauldren
Study on maritime clusters in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

DG MARE has commissioned a study to provide policy makers at the EU and sea-basin levels an updated analysis of the current status and potential development of maritime clusters in the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas.

Mediterranean checkpoint - Data Adequacy report

EMODnet MedSea CheckPoint aims to document the reliability and utility of the existing monitoring system at the sea basin level, by developing fitness for use indicators to show the appropriateness and availability of monitoring data for the production of Challenge targeted products.
Created: 30/03/15 | Updated: 23/06/15

EMODnet MedSea Checkpoint panel meeting

The team has been set a number of challenges to test how well marine data in the Mediterranean meets the needs of users. The results will be presented to a panel of users.
Created: 24/03/15 | Updated: 23/06/15

Blue Growth country and sea-basin reports (Mediterranean, Adriatic & Ionian, and the Black Sea)

Please address any queries at:
Created: 16/04/14 | Updated: 02/04/15

simulated oil spill in the Mediterranean

as part of an exercise to test how quickly it was feasible to react to a marine disaster in the Mediterranean, the project team was informed without warning of an oil leak.
Created: 04/11/14 | Updated: 05/11/14

7th Meeting of the Working Group on IMP in the Mediterranean (Brussels, 21-22 October 2014)

Press release - Publication of documetns and presentations
Created: 03/11/14 | Updated: 03/11/14

how good are the marine data in the Mediterranean? - literature survey for Mediterranean checkpoint

Their approach was to select a number of applications and determine how easy it was to access and use the data needed for these applications and how fit for purpose the data were
Created: 29/09/14 | Updated: 29/09/14

4th Regional Meeting of the IMP-MED Project (Bremen, Germany, 21 May 2014)

The meeting will bring together officials and experts of the Mediterranean riparian countries, as well as officials from the European Commission and regional organisations, to discuss IMP issues.
Created: 12/05/14 | Updated: 13/05/14

6th meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) in the Mediterranean (Brussels, 30-31 October 2013) - Final Documents

Dear all, The 6th Meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean took place in Brussels on 30-31 October 2013. Please find enclosed the final versions of following documents: Meeting Report Meeting Conclusions The presentations given during the meeting are available at the following web-links:

IMP-MED Project Activities - 7th Regional Technical Workshop - 2nd Study Tour (Tunisia - France, 24-28 March 2014)

The Technical Assistance Project for the IMP in the Mediterranean (IMP-MED Project) will be holding its 7th Regional Technical Workshop and its 2nd Study Tour in Tunisia (Tunis) and in France (Marseille) from 24th to 28th March 2014.   The IMP-MED project Regional Technical Workshop will address the following topics:

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