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The Maritime Forum aims to improve communication amongst EU maritime policy stakeholders. It allows parties interested in the EU maritime policy to communicate on a common platform. They can publish events, documents and follow developments in their areas of interest. Information can be shared amongst a closed community or published openly. Anybody can register to the forum and comment on its content.

Map of the week - Accident density

Our “Map of the week”, provided by EMSA, gives an overview of accident density (high, medium and low) in the seas around Europe (data from 2009). Factors such as the weather, the nature of the coastline and traffic density have a significant effect on the number and types of accidents that occur in a region.

Last update: 19/04/19

Registrations to the WestMED Hackathons are open!

Last update: 15/04/19

Map of the week – Coastal migration (satellite data)

Our “Map of the week”, powered by satellite data, provides a birds-eye view on how Europe’s coastlines have been changing over the last 10 years. In this new map, users can visualise pan-European coastal behaviour for 2007-2017 and distinguish areas of landward migration (erosion or submergence), stability, and seaward migration (accretion or emergence).

Last update: 12/04/19

EMODnet-CMEMS Coordination Meeting - Draft agenda

EMODnet – CMEMS Coordination Meeting Date: 17 April 2019 Time: 09.00 // 13.00 TBC Location: Brussels, DG MARE, Rue Joseph II 99 (ROOM J99 04/A022)   Draft Agenda Session 1: Coordination and information updates.

Last update: 11/04/19

First pan-European shoreline-migration map since 2004

The new EMODnet Geology shoreline-migration map allows users to visualise pan-European coastal behaviour for 2007-2017 at different spatial scales. A built-in search and zoom functionality allows online users to distinguish areas of landward migration (erosion or submergence), stability, and seaward migration (accretion or emergence).

Last update: 09/04/19


10 April 2019 – 09:00 – 17:00 Venue : PLB3 Room 2.17, Rue Philippe Le Bon 1-3, 1000 Brussels

Start date: 10/04/2019 (All day)
Last update: 08/04/19

Map of the week – Posidonia oceanica distribution (seagrass species)

Many species of seagrass exist and four are natives of European waters . Some are distributed all over Europe’s coastal waters while others, like the Posidonia oceanica, are strictly Mediterranean. As March was “Seagrass Awareness Month”, we decided to continue to celebrate the essential role of these marine species and their contribution to the biodiversity with a “Map of the week”!

Last update: 05/04/19

Call for proposals - LIFE programme

Funding for nature conservation projects in particular in the areas of biodiversity, habitats and species, renewable energies, energy efficiency, farming, land use, and peatland management

Last update: 04/04/19

Key learnings from the Blue Bioeconomy Forum March working groups

While the BBF working groups are divided across topics, challenges and ways forward often overlap, and this summary aims at giving a first glimpse of what the Roadmap may include.

Last update: 03/04/19

2019 IMBeR Open Science Conference

Brest (France)

Start date: 17/06/2019 (All day)
Last update: 02/04/19

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