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Designing innovative mechanisms to plan, implement, strengthen and manage green infrastructures in (peri)urban areas

Reference: LIFE20 PRE/BE/000008 | Acronym: LIFE_UrbanGreeningPlans



Brussels Environment (IBGE) works in close cooperation with many other regional administrations and municipalities. It has a strong expertise in EU project management as partner and/or lead partner in several European funding mechanisms. Its fields of work include air quality, energy, soil, noise pollution, electromagnetic fields, waste management planning, construction, sustainable consumption, nature and biodiversity, animal welfare and climate change.


The objectives of this LIFE Preparatory project focus on designing mechanisms to increase the presence of biodiversity in urban and peri-urban areas. The main goal is to enable local policy makers and greenspace managers to design and demonstrate innovative mechanisms to increase the overall presence of biodiversity in their territories.

The project will do this by:

  • Establishing ambitious management actions to increase and enhance biodiversity in Milan and Lisbon;
  • Improving biodiversity, connectivity and accessibility in 3 peri-urban greenspaces;
  • Smoothing local decision-making and the implementation of innovative biodiversity mechanisms by actively involving different departments or different municipalities in co-decision processes and overcoming intersectoral language barriers;
  • Developing mechanisms for local public authorities to involve businesses and the local public more effectively in implementing and managing peri-urban green spaces.



Expected results:

  • Several workshops to give participants a better understanding of biodiversity needs, following by reports;
  • 10 case studies on successful biodiversity enhancement;
  • 7 000 climate adapted plants in Milan;
  • 3 km of green infrastructure in Milan;
  • Report on urban forestry activities and methods for pollinator highways;
  • Several communication activities and public events;
  • Draft algorithm for detecting best plants for biodiversity improvement in Lisbon;
  • Methodology and pilot projects for enhancing biodiversity and mitigating limiting factors in urban parks;
  • In Barcelona on Llobregat river, 5 successful NBS will be implemented, followed by an impact study;
  • Guidelines for better urban and peri-urban green planning;
  • In Athens, report on defining actions to better connect green areas and achieve a higher biodiversity, and the implementation of green corridors;
  • 3 ‘living labs’ in Brussels;
  • Reference framework for urban planners, on how to combine natural heritage protection, biodiversity and climate adaptation.



Reference: LIFE20 PRE/BE/000008
Acronym: LIFE_UrbanGreeningPlans
Start Date: 01/05/2021
End Date: 30/04/2023
Total Eligible Budget: 999,628 €
EU Contribution: 599,777 €


Coordinating Beneficiary: Brussels Environment
Legal Status: PUBLIC
Address: Avenue du Port 86C/3000, 1000, Brussels,
Contact Person: Etienne Aulotte
Email: Send Email

LIFE Project Map



  • COM(2011) 244 final “Our life insurance, our natural capital: an EU biodiversity strategy to 2020” (03.05.2011)


Name Type
Brussels Environment Coordinator
Ente Parco Nord Milano Participant
Management Authority of Schinias-Marathon National Park, Mount Hymettus and Southeast Attica Participant
Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency Participant
Philodassiki Enossi Athinon Participant
Föderation der Natur- und Nationalparke Europas (Föderation EUROPARC) e.V. Participant
Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona Participant
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa Participant