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Optimalization of Natura 2000 sites management delivery in the South Bohemia Region and the territory of South Slovakia

Reference: LIFE16 NAT/CZ/000001 | Acronym: CZ-SK SOUTH LIFE



Although Natura 2000 network sites in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic and in southern Slovakia have legal protection and base management plans, management is still insufficient in many sites to improve the conservation status of species and habitats of Community importance (including priority ones) that are considered to be of ?unfavourable? or ?unfavourable-bad? status. Until now, habitats have decreased in size and suffered degradation, with resulting negative trends in species composition and population size. The loss of species biotopes, in particular, reduces the possibility of natural population recovery. The main ongoing threats to habitats and species in Natura 2000 networks sites include the abandonment of traditionally-managed pastures and meadows and their overgrowth with dense vegetation, shrubs and trees; the spread of invasive species; changes to water regimes in wetland and peat bog habitats caused by drainage; intensive forest management and the removal of old trees; and the termination of pollarding and grazing in willow stands.


The main aim of CZ-SK SOUTH LIFE is the long-term improvement in conservation status of priority habitats in 25 Natura 2000 network sites in the South Bohemia region of the Czech Republic and in 30 sites in southern Slovakia. Specific project objectives will target a range of species and habitats that are listed as a priority for conservation in the Habitats Directive.

The endemic plant species Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica*:

  • Expansion of the species? habitat;
  • Stabilisation and further increase of the species? population; and
  • Ensuring sustainable after-life management based on the best practice.
  • The ground beetle Carabus menetriesi subsp. pacholei*:

  • Improvement in suitable active raised bogs habitat;
  • Expansion of the species biotope; and
  • Increase of the population.
  • The hermit beetle Osmoderma eremita*:

  • Maintenance of the current species biotopes and their further expansion; and
  • Increase of the population.
  • Grassland habitats (1340*, 1530*, 6110*, 6120*, 6210*, 6250*, 6260*):

  • Restoration and increasing coverage of the habitats; and
  • Ensuring optimal and sustainable management in the long term.
  • Forest habitats (91D0*, 91E0*, 91N0*):

  • Restoration and expansion of the habitats.
  • Expected results: Improvement of the conservation status of priority species:

  • Improving the conservation status of endemic species Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica and increasing its population by at least 10%;
  • Enlarging the habitat of priority species by 8.8 ha - an increase of 50% compared to the present state;
  • Population of the hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita) increased by over 10%, with an increase in suitable habitats by 50%;
  • 1 000 existing cavity trees stabilised with improved health conditions, 300 willows with restored pollarding, and 1 500 new trees planted to secure habitat continuity; and
  • Extension of the ground beetle (Carabus menetriesi pacholei) habitat by 20 ha and an increase in the population by 15%.
  • Priority habitats restored on following areas:

  • Active raised bogs (7110*) restored on 79 ha by sensitive and nature-friendly mowing;
  • Bog woodlands (91D0*) restored on 125 ha and enlarged by 20 ha by restoring the degraded forest stands, with the water regime improved on 13 ha;
  • Alluvial forests (91E0*) restored on over 100 ha, with 31 000 native trees planted to restore degraded areas and invasive plants removed on more than 47 ha;
  • Conservation status of priority grassland habitats improved on 225 ha, sustainable and nature-friendly grazing management restored on 210 ha;
  • 2 000 m of drainage channels removed; and
  • 42 ha of salt marsh habitats with restored water regime.
  • Moreover:

  • At least 25 new jobs created, followed by significant indirect employment growth;
  • Increased tourist numbers at selected project sites;
  • Strengthened self-sufficiency of at least 10 local communities;
  • Involvement of at least 10 NGOs, and research and educational institutions;
  • Increased public interest and support from local communities and key stakeholders for nature conservation; and
  • Replication of the best practice methods developed by the project achieved on a minimum of 20 other sites.


    Reference: LIFE16 NAT/CZ/000001
    Acronym: CZ-SK SOUTH LIFE
    Start Date: 01/09/2017
    End Date: 30/06/2024
    Total Budget: 7,024,703 €
    EU Contribution: 5,085,000 €
    Project Location:


    Coordinating Beneficiary: South Bohemia Region (Jiho?eský kraj)
    Legal Status: PAT
    Address: U Zimniho stadionu 1952/2, 37076, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Cesko
    Contact Person: Eva JE?KOVÁ
    Tel: +420 386 720 720

    LIFE Project Map



    • Bogs and Mires
    • Invertebrates
    • Forests
    • Grasslands
    • Plants


    • endemic species
    • grazing
    • tourism
    • employment
    • nature conservation
    • restoration measure


    • Directive 92/43 - Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora- Habitats Directive (21.05.1992)
    • Regulation 1143/2014 - Prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species (22.10.2014)


    • 1530 - Pannonic salt steppes and salt marshes
    • 1340 - Inland salt meadows
    • 6260 - Pannonic sand steppes
    • 6250 - Pannonic loess steppic grasslands
    • 6210 - Semi-natural dry grasslands and scrubland facies on calcareous substrates (Festuco-Brometalia) (* important orchid sites)
    • 6120 - Xeric sand calcareous grasslands
    • 6110 - Rupicolous calcareous or basophilic grasslands of the Alysso-Sedion albi
    • 7110 - Active raised bogs
    • 91N0 - Pannonic inland sand dune thicket (Junipero-Populetum albae)
    • 91E0 - "Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior (Alno-Padion, Alnion incanae, Salicion albae)"
    • 91D0 - Bog woodland


    • Gentianella bohemica
    • Osmoderma eremita
    • Carabus menetriesi pacholei


    Type Code Name
    SCI CZ0213009 Vlasimska Blanice
    SCI CZ0310017 Planicsky rybnik-Bobovec
    SCI CZ0310057 Pohori na Sumave
    SCI CZ0310063 Pastvina u Prestovic
    SCI CZ0310084 Nerestsky lom
    SPA CZ0311036 Hlubocke obory
    SPA CZ0311039 Novohradske hory
    SCI CZ0312030 Cista hora
    SCI CZ0312032 Haje
    SCI CZ0312033 Hroby
    SCI CZ0312034 Jaroskov
    SCI CZ0312036 Kozlovska stran
    SCI CZ0312050 Ubislav
    SCI CZ0312226 Svaty Kriz
    SCI CZ0313094 Blatna
    SCI CZ0313099 Hlubocke hraze
    SCI CZ0313106 Luznice a Nezarka
    SCI CZ0313113 Sokoli hnizdo a bazantnice
    SCI CZ0313138 Vrbenske rybniky
    SCI CZ0313513 Raseliniste Kaplicky
    SCI CZ0314021 Borkovicka blata
    SCI CZ0314022 Horni Malse
    SCI CZ0314024 Sumava
    SCI CZ0314044 Opolenec
    SCI CZ0314126 Hlubocke obory
    SCI CZ0314636 Tejmlov - Nad Zavirkou
    SCI CZ0314641 Zlaty potok v Posumavi
    SCI SKUEV0052 Sele?tianska strá?
    SCI SKUEV0066 Kamenínske slaniská
    SCI SKUEV0067 ?enkov
    SCI SKUEV0068 Jurský Chlm
    SCI SKUEV0071 Abov
    SCI SKUEV0077 Dunajské trstiny
    SCI SKUEV0078 Mostová
    SCI SKUEV0091 Ploská hora
    SCI SKUEV0095 Panské lúky
    SCI SKUEV0096 ?urianske slaniská
    SCI SKUEV0097 Palárikovské lúky
    SCI SKUEV0098 Nesvadské piesky
    SCI SKUEV0099 Pavelské slanisko
    SCI SKUEV0100 Chotínske piesky
    SCI SKUEV0130 Zobor
    SCI SKUEV0155 Alúvium Starej Nitry
    SCI SKUEV0157 Starý vrch
    SCI SKUEV0158 Modrý vrch
    SCI SKUEV0160 Karáb
    SCI SKUEV0183 Ve?kolélsky ostrov
    SCI SKUEV0184 Burdov
    SCI SKUEV0201 Gavurky
    SCI SKUEV0280 Devínska Kobyla
    SCI SKUEV0292 Drie?ová hora
    SCI SKUEV0393 Dunaj
    SPA CZ0311037 Ceskobudejovicke rybniky
    SCI SKUEV0502 ?tokeravská vápenka


    Name Type
    South Bohemia Region (Jihočeský kraj) Coordinator
    Krajske skolni hospodarstvi, Czech Republic Participant
    SNC(State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic (Štátna ochrana prírody Slovenskej republiky)), Slovakia Participant
    BROZ- Bratislavské regionálne ochranárske združenie (Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development), Slovakia Participant
    ZO CSOP Onyx, Czech Republic Participant