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Portugal Capacity Building for better use of LIFE

Reference: LIFE14 CAP/PT/000004 | Acronym: PT CAPACITY BUILDING



The LIFE programme introduced action grants for capacity-building projects for the 2014-2017 funding period. These are projects designed to build Member States' capacity to participate more effectively in the LIFE Programme. Specifically, these projects propose interventions to develop the capacity to submit successful applications for funding for projects under the sub-programmes for Environment and Climate Action. Member States that meet the criteria may each receive funding of up to one million euros for one capacity-building project. Only national level public bodies responsible for implementation of LIFE in an eligible Member State in the European Union may apply for capacity-building projects.


The main objective of the PT CAPACITY BUILDING project is to improve the overall Portuguese capacity for participation in the LIFE Programme, by increasing the number and quality of proposals that are presented each year. The project team expect to overcome the weaknesses they have identified as major obstacles to a better use of the LIFE Programme nationally.

To attain this goal, the project seeks to achieve a set of complimentary targets:

  • Strengthening the capacity of public entities involved in the LIFE Programme, by reinforcing technical teams and created a greater regional presence;
  • Better communication and networking - regional information sessions, specific web pages, project videos, LIFE magazine, and annual technical meetings (e.g. LIFE week and LIFE weekend with European and national projects);
  • Facilitating access to other co-financing sources, in particular private sources, to foster participation of a wider range of potential beneficiaries;
  • Supporting tools, such as a project ideas database, to raise awareness and encourage involvement of cofinancers.
  • Promoting and establishing a better interaction between potential beneficiaries and national administrations directly related to the LIFE Programme;
  • Enhancing the capacity of applicants to design and submit better proposals through learning-by-doing sessions, open desks, response to on-line queries and other types of support; and
  • Increasing the dissemination/recognition of the LIFE Programme and projects supported by LIFE through additional communication/dissemination events.
  • Expected results:

  • Increased capacity of public administration bodies and teams to support the use of the LIFE Programme, and reinforced ability to share knowledge and experiences within the Programme;
  • Creation and promotion of a national network of bodies and people from different types of organisations able to conceive, design, structure and submit good LIFE proposals (e.g. contributing to best-practice dissemination, excellence of results and better replication of LIFE projects);
  • Promotion of a stronger alignment of national/regional use of LIFE with national and regional strategies and priorities under those domains funded by LIFE, so contributing to a better implementation of European policies;
  • Enhanced capacity of potential LIFE users to design better LIFE proposals, through intensive training schemes and tools to deliver results beyond the project lifespan;
  • Improved integration and collaboration within the LIFE community, via increasing networking and exchange of best practice with other European LIFE beneficiaries; and
  • Increased national financial capacity to support the non-funded part of LIFE proposals, for example, through engagement of private actors and the general public in co-financing schemes.


    Reference: LIFE14 CAP/PT/000004
    Start Date: 01/01/2016
    End Date: 31/12/2018
    Total Budget: 786,693 €
    EU Contribution: 708,383 €
    Project Location:
    Project Website:


    Coordinating Beneficiary: Agncia Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA)
    Legal Status: PUBLIC
    Address: Rua da Murgueira, 9/9A - Zambujal, 2611-865, AMADORA,
    Contact Person: Rodrigo Manuel Cecília Marujo Gonçalves
    Tel: +351 2147282-93 /00
    Fax: +351 214719074

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    • environmental training


    Name Type
    Agncia Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA) Coordinator
    Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas (I.P.), Portugal Participant
    Direcção Regional do Ambiente (Açores), Portugal Participant
    Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais - Direcção Regional de Florestas e Conservação da Natureza (Madeira), Portugal Participant