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ProLIFE Capacity Building, Czech Republic

Reference: LIFE14 CAP/CZ/000001 | Acronym: Czech LIFE



The LIFE programme introduced action grants for capacity-building projects for the 2014-2017 funding period. These are projects designed to build Member States' capacity to participate more effectively in the LIFE Programme. Specifically, these projects propose interventions to develop the capacity to submit successful applications for funding for projects under the sub-programmes for Environment and Climate Action. Member States that meet the criteria may each receive funding of up to one million euros for one capacity-building project. Only national level public bodies responsible for implementation of LIFE in an eligible Member State in the European Union may apply for capacity-building projects.


The Czech LIFE project aims to increase the capacity and service base of the National Contact Point (NCP), to generate publicity for the LIFE Programme, to increase the number of applicants and improve the service provided to them, so as to increase the uptake of LIFE funding in the Czech Republic. The project foresees the creation of four new jobs at the MoE fully dedicated to the LIFE agenda, plus four part-time jobs assigned to specific work tasks. It will also create three part-time jobs at the premises of the project partner ČSOP Salamandr. Analysis reveals relatively few successful LIFE applicants in previous years, so actions will identify and mitigate weak points to increase the number of projects submitted and approved under LIFE Programme calls. The project will take a systematic approach to increasing the visibility and attractiveness of the LIFE Programme, building on knowledge and best practices from other NCPs and successful LIFE beneficiaries. The project will establish co-operation with the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, to ease the financial burden of LIFE funding applicants by pre-financing projects, and a joint platform of complementary programmes in support of LIFE applications.

Expected results: A set of support tools created for LIFE-funding applicants, making the LIFE Programme more attractive and increasing the number of submitted and successful proposals, and the number of potential beneficiaries:

  • Guide to State Aid, contacts database of potential beneficiaries and stakeholders, manual on how to write a successful project proposal, fully-operational help-desk, a list of tailored topics for public organisations, website, a set of LIFE documents translated into the Czech language; and
  • A joint platform with complementary programmes, and cooperation with information centres and non-profit organisations.
  • Best practices and the results of successful projects will be shared and disseminated via:

  • Promotional video (up to 2 minutes) on the LIFE Programme and a 20-minute documentary on ongoing or completed successful LIFE projects and their impacts;
  • LIFE Fair event organised three times during the project implementation;
  • At least 30 LIFE projects´ best practices disseminated at public events;
  • 300 participants as potential LIFE applicants participated in 9 specifically targeted information seminars;
  • At least 40 private companies reached via direct contact; and
  • At least 38 potential applicants of LIFE Integrated Projects reached via direct contact in the area of public sector technical assistance.


    Reference: LIFE14 CAP/CZ/000001
    Acronym: Czech LIFE
    Start Date: 01/01/2015
    End Date: 31/12/2018
    Total Budget: 566,160 €
    EU Contribution: 528,177 €
    Project Location:


    Coordinating Beneficiary: Ministerstvo ivotnho prosted R (Ministry of the Environment)
    Legal Status: PUBLIC
    Address: Vrovick 1442/65, 100 10, Prague, Czech Cesko
    Contact Person: Lucie Blažejová
    Tel: + 420 267 122 389

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    Name Type
    Ministerstvo ivotnho prosted R (Ministry of the Environment) Coordinator
    ČSOP Salamandr, Czech Republic Participant