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Raised Bog Restoration in Eastern Denmark

Reference: LIFE12 NAT/DK/000183 | Acronym: LIFE: Eastern Bogs



Bogs and fens are threatened by nutrient loading, overgrowth by trees and scrub and inappropriate hydrology. In addition, over the last 150 - 200 years, peat extraction and drainage have reduced the total area of intact blanket bog in the region. According to a recent Danish national assessment, the conservation status of raised bogs (7110*) and alkaline fens (7230) is in danger of further deterioration in the coming years. During the planning process for the management of Natura 2000 areas in Denmark in the period 2010-2015, special attention is being paid to ensuring that these habitat types are restored.


This project primarily targets the restoration and expansion of Annex I habitat type raised bogs (7110*) in the eastern part of Denmark. This wet, terrestrial habitat type is in an unfavorable conservation status in Denmark, as reported in the latest Habitats Directive Article 17 report. The project also targets the management of the Annex II species, Leucorrhinia pectoral at the Horreby Lyng Natura 2000 network site, as well as other habitat types (7230 alkaline fens and 7210* calcareous fens) connected with the core habitat type.

A major part of the project will be implemented on privately owned land, and consultations with private landowners were conducted prior to the LIFE funding application, to ensure there was broad support for the project among these landowners. The clearing of vegetation and the changing of drainage systems in order to raise water levels on private areas can only be implemented with the agreement of landowners. Each sub-project has been carefully prepared to include landowner interviews and the necessary technical surveys in order to present realistic and viable actions. The landowner consultations were also necessary in order to negotiate compensation.

Expected results: The combined effect of the implementation of the planned actions is expected to have the following results:

  • The size of the habitat type raised bog (7110*) will increase from 2 ha to 150 ha in Horreby Lyng and by 72 ha at a second N2000 site, Store Åmose;
  • Hydrological conditions will be improved on 3.5 ha of alkaline fen (7230) and calcareous fens (7210*);
  • An action p will be developed for Leucorrhinia pectoralis, with recommendations for future management aimed at achieving favorable conservation status;
  • Best practice methods will be developed for the clearance of shrub re-growth in raised bogs (7110*);
  • Networking and exchange with two existing LIFE Nature projects in Germany on restoration of 7110* raised bog habitat (LIFE11 NAT/DE/000344 and LIFE09 NAT/DE/000009) will be facilitated;
  • Best management practices for rare wet terrestrial habitat types will be developed through networking with the two Danish LIFE+ Nature projects: ‘Smooth’ (LIFE10 NAT/DK/000099) and ‘Lille Vildmose’ (LIFE10 NAT/DK/000102);
  • Raised public awareness of the biodiversity value of Natura 2000 network sites and in particular, of the core habitat types of this project, as a result of the erection of four information boards, 800 metres of boardwalk and an observation tower, as well as the organisation of an outdoor exhibition, the production of two project folders and a HD film, and the organisation of a minimum of six guided visits, six public meetings and the creation of a website.


    Reference: LIFE12 NAT/DK/000183
    Acronym: LIFE: Eastern Bogs
    Start Date: 01/08/2013
    End Date: 31/03/2021
    Total Budget: 5,342,805 €
    EU Contribution: 4,007,103 €
    Project Location:


    Coordinating Beneficiary: Guldborgsund Kommune
    Legal Status: PAT
    Address: Parkvej 37, 4800, Nykbing Falster, Danmark
    Contact Person: Anita PEDERSEN
    Tel: +4554731980

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    • Bogs and Mires


    • protected area
    • wetland
    • restoration measure


    • 7110 - Active raised bogs
    • 7210 - Calcareous fens with Cladium mariscus and species of the Caricion davallianae
    • 7230 - Alkaline fens


    • Botaurus stellaris
    • Grus grus
    • Leucorrhinia pectoralis


    Type Code Name
    SCI DK005X226 Store Åmose, Skarresø og Bregninge Å
    SCI DK006X239 Horreby Lyng


    Name Type
    Guldborgsund Kommune Coordinator
    Sorø Kommune, Denmark Participant