Union database on supply chain security
For verification of Regulated Agents and Known Consignors established in the European Community in accordance with Regulation (EC) 300/2008 and its implementing acts.
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[ The new KSDA2 - open for TESTING]

KSDA2, the next version of KSDA (the Union database on supply chain security) is now open for testing until end of October 2021.

IMPORTANT : KSDA2 is not yet the reference database, but only open during a "Grace Period" allowing you to test its functionalities as if you would do on the current KSDA application. All entries and modifications (activations, de-activations, uploads, withdrawals, etc.) as well as validations of delivering KCs and RAs shall be performed on the current KSDA throughout the abovementioned "Grace Period".

All data entered/modified in KSDA2 for testing purposes will be erased during the month of November, when KSDA2 will enter into force, replacing the current KSDA platform.

Access to KSDA2 requires you authenticate onto the EU login platform using your email address, that you should have configured in the current KSDA. 

KSDA2 URL : https://ksda.ec.europa.eu/app