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Legal notice

Legal notice

Personal data provided by the applicant in connection with this selection procedure will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000.  In accordance with Articles 11 and 12 of that Regulation, before registration, the General Secretariat of the Council shall provide the applicant with the following information:

Identity of the controller: Head of the Staffing and Mobility Unit.

Purposes of the processing: the collection of data with the aim of:
  • identifying all the candidates for a traineeship at the General Secretariat of the Council;
  • serving as a basis for procedures relating to the selection of trainees.

Recipients of the data: the departments responsible for the administration of trainees at the General Secretariat of the Council. Also, EPSO as a technical subcontractor, the Traineeships Offices of other EU institutions, the Institutions visited by the trainees and the hotels reserved for the study trips organised during the traineeship.

Whether replies to questions are obligatory or voluntary: all the fields with an asterisk (*) are obligatory. If they are not completed registration cannot take place.

Right of access and rectification: by consulting their EPSO files, all applicants may at any stage verify their personal data and amend them online, with the exception of the name and date of birth, in which case a formal request must be sent by email to the Traineeships Office (stages@consilium.europa.eu).Once the application is validated, only personal data identifying the applicant may be amended, for which a formal request must be sent by email to the Traineeships Office (stages@consilium.europa.eu).

The data concerned:

  • Personal data identifying the applicant (surname, first name, name currently used, data of birth, sex, private address, town, post code, country, email address, telephone numbers, fax number);
  • Information about any disability the applicant may have;
  • Information provided by the applicant in connection with the selection procedure, used to assess whether the applicant's skills and qualifications fit the profile (previous experience, nationality/ies, education and training, professional experience, publications, IT skills, languages);
  • Information to show motivation to work as a trainee at the GSC (departments chosen, motivation, length of traineeship desired);
  • Details of a contact point, in case contact is needed urgently (address, telephone).

Legal basis: Decision on traineeships at the General Secretariat of the Council, and the Council's Rules of Procedure.

Date on which processing begins: date of registration.

Time-limits for storing the data: the database is valid for two years. Applicants may have recourse to the European Data Protection Supervisor (edps@edps.europa.eu) at any time.

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