The EU Health Policy Platform only meets face-to-face on the following occasions:

Regular meetings

Using the Platform to prepare regular meetings saves time and resources.  It allows you to:

  • Create a poll to agree on the next meeting date.
  • Upload the necessary reports to prepare presentations and save them in the shared Library of your group.
  • Share the outcome on the Agora Network to inform your peers.

The EU Health Policy Platform organises a few meetings with the Thematic Networks leaders throughout the year.  The goal is to support and encourage them to produce the joint statements, which are presented during the annual meeting of the EU Health Policy Platform.

Annual meetings

Once a year, the EU Health Policy Platform brings together pan-European, national and local health stakeholders, to enhance their communication with Commission services and amongst themselves. It is aimed to be inclusive, reflecting the geographical and professional diversity of its participants.

The Directorate General (DG) for Health and Food Safety invites registered health stakeholders to register through an application submitted via the Web Platform. To find out more about how to participate in the meetings, please have a look at the Working Methods of the EU Health Policy Platform.

During the annual meeting, discussions focus on endorsed joint statements, shortlisted candidates for the EU Health Award, and key health policy issues including Commission activities.

Biennial EU Health Policy Platform Conferences'

Every two years the EU Health Policy Platform will bring together a broader set of stakeholders in a landmark event to discuss future pressing issues in the field of health.

  • The Conference will provide a platform for networking and exchanging of ideas, integrating all actors who wish to contribute to discussions on public health issues, building knowledge and sharing best practices.

More information on the organisation of the conference will be shared in due course.