Financial Information

The Coordinator/beneficiary Financial Information is automatically listed after receiving the invitation letter. 

(lightbulb) Please check all information and update, if necessary. 

(warning) For the types of action for which the article "Implementation of action tasks by beneficiaries not receiving EU funding"* is applicable, a distinction is being made between:

This is Art.9 (for H2020), Art. 14 (for H2020 FPA), Art. 7 (for H2020 SGA), Art 8a (for non-H2020), Art. 13a (for non-H2020 FPA) and Art. 6a (for non-H2020 SGA)

** The beneficiaries not eligible for funding’ are beneficiaries which:


1.if the partner is eligible for funding but decides not to request funding, the "requesting zero funding" has to be flagged by the Partner or the Project Officer (PO) 

When the "requesting zero funding" check box is selected, a simplified Cost Breakdown table will appear allowing the editing only of the Total costs. In case the user had filled in the rest of the Cost Breakdown information, this will be wiped out, except for the Total Costs (as the Cost breakdown information is not displayed). 

2. if the partner is not eligible for funding, the "not eligible to receive funding" flag is automatically set and only the PO can authorise/revoke the granting of exceptional funding.

In both cases, the setting of the flag leads to the activation of Article 9 in the GA Options screen. In particular, this article is automatically activated for Partners not eligible for funding (typically partners from OCEF countries and International Organisations).