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The root page Managing Project Results could not be found in space European Commission It-How-To Manual.

To create a project result, click on the icon on the top. The Project result screen displays showing the name of the project and a result ID on the top.

All the mandatory fields will be indicated by a red *. It is not possible to click on submit until input is not provided for those fields.

The status of the result is set to draft, and you can either on cancel or save draft at any moment using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Click on theicon, when applicable, to display a tip on how to fill in that specific field.

Please, fill in the fields following the same order in which they are displayed in the form because there are dependencies between different fields. Also note that there are different fields depending on the result type and target audience you select. See further details below:

Common fields

  1. Title of result:  this field will display as title for your results. You are advise to make it as catchy as possible, in order to call the attention of readers.
  2. Message / Teaser to potential user: this second fields allows you shortly summarize the content of the result, to whom it could be of interest and describe what its value is. The field is includes some basic formatting functionalities, since copy-pasting the text from a source such as MS Word, will keep the format of bold, italics and underlined text, but any indention, enumeration or bulleting  will have to be applied in the field directly.
  3. Video: here, you can insert a video from YouTube or Vimeo. Please note that the link has to be provided including the protocol (i.e. http or https).
  4. Our Logo: click on the field to brose for the logo of the result, or simply drop the file on the field. The maximum size is 1 megabyte.
  5. Main project. This filed links to project fact sheet in Cordis.
  6. Other related project. Allows you to select some of your other projects for which the result is relevant. The list will not appear in your public profile.It shows already the whole of your projects, and you can type in the search box on the top either the programme or the project id in order to sort the results. Tick the box on the left to link it to your result.

    After selecting the project, use the Action bin icon to easily remove it from the related projects list.

Result type

Select now the result type.

There are 6 result types, and depending of your selection, the "Target audiences" and "Our needs are" will be different. This is a brief description of the different types of results:

Policy Related Result: Result primarily useful and influential for policy makers or legislators: regulatory analysis, policy related study, foresight analysis, pre-standard, standard, publications of other forms, etc.

Scientific or Technological R&D Result including ICT Hardware: Any scientific or technological R&D related result at any stage of development.

The results can be a scientific finding or approach, model or method, a proof of concept, a technological solution or component, a chemical, a new material, a new manufacturing process, a medicine, a therapy, an agri-food, an electric component, sensor, processor, computer hardware, etc.

This type of result can be at any stage of development: from the basic, applied research to the prototype and commercial readiness.

ICT Software Digital solution: Any software, algorithm, database, model, online platform, cloud, etc. at any stage of development

Other Intangible Results: For example, citizens engagement platform, know-how, best practices, methodologies etc.

Services: research infrastructures, educational sources, citizen helplines, etc.

Other: When selecting this type, please provide full characterization of your result in the Result Description field.

manage the Results for your projects, access the Funding & Tenders Portal and click on My Project(s) within the Manage my area section on the left.

Select project results.

Click on the action below to continue reading according to what you need to do in relation with the results of your project.

create a result

Edit a result

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