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Requesting access.

When logging to PP, go to My Organisations.

This applies only to organisations where you are LEAR/Account administrator.

Click on the organisation to display the details, and the Projects tab[JLCG1]  to see the projects where your organisation is participating.

Organisations can be involved in a project where the LEAR/Account administrator does not have an actual team member role (roles on project level). Click on the Acronym of a project. If you do not have a project role, following message gets displayed (Tip: Whenever you see a RA button, it means that you do not have access to that specific project).

Go back to the organisation. Then click on the RA button to request access.

Select option 1 if you want to be given a project role within the project. Select option 2 if you just want to have read access to the project. Fill in the captcha and click on submit.

When done, a message is shown confirming that the request got submitted[JLCG2] .

If your organisation is the coordinating organisation in the project, the email will be sent to the PCoCo/CoCo. If your organisation is not coordinating the project, the email will be sent to the PaCo.

Granting access.

PCoCo/CoCo or PaCo, depending of the situation, receives email notification informing of the request.

Clicking on the link takes the user to the project consortium page[JLCG3] . Notice that instead of a RA button, you see an AD button when you have any of the three roles mentioned above.

Then click on the Edit Roles button.

In the following screen, you will see the current participant contacts. Mind the radio buttons, use the Authorised (recommended) one to grant read access to the LEAR/AD, Not Authorised to prevent them from seeing the project details[JLCG4] .

After selecting the corresponding radio button, a message will be displayed confirming the read access; just close the window, afterwards (there is no further buttons to confirm selection):

Use the Add Roles button to grant a role in the project as team member. Proceed as usual[JLCG5] .

Note: When the LEAR access the project roles, if he/she only has read access, the add roles/revoke buttons will be greyed out, and there will be no radio buttons being shown.

 [JLCG1]When you go to Projects in PP, you see the projects where you have a role, but when you go to organisations/projects tab, provided you are a LEAR/Account administrator of the organisation, you see a list with all the projects in which the organisation is participating.


Whe clicking on a project where you lack a project role, even if your organisation is participating on it, you get EM " You are not authorised to perform this operation"

 [JLCG2]A bit strange, maybe this will change when being finally released.

 [JLCG3]You can also access it either by clicking on My projects in the PP, or via projects tab under My organisations, it does not matter.

 [JLCG4]These two options are what it would be a new feature in the release, these radio buttons are not there in prod right now.

 [JLCG5]This is already there in PROD, no changes.

 [JLCG6]Small detail, maybe you can skip

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