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Instructions when using the Participant Portal

By default, the projects in which your organisation is participating will be visible to you only if a role at level of the project is your profile, even if you are the LEAR of the organisation.

In this page we describe how to request and grant the read only access or an active role for a project/proposal in order to view its details via My project(s) / My Proposal(s), under the My Area section within the Participant Portal.

Requesting access to a project.

When logging to PP, go to My Organisations.

This applies only to organisations where you are LEAR/Account administrator.

Click on the organisation to display the details, and on the Projects or on the Proposals tab to see the projects/proposal where your organisation is participating.

Organisations can be involved in a project where the LEAR/Account administrator does not have an actual team member role (roles on project level). Click on the Acronym of a project. If you do not have a project role, following message gets displayed (Tip: Whenever you see a RA button, it means that you do not have access to that specific project).

Go back to the organisation. Then click on the RA button to request access.

Select option 1 if you want to be given a project role within the project. Select option 2 if you just want to have read access to the project. Fill in the captcha and click on submit.

When done, a message is shown confirming that the request got submitted via a pop-up window.

If your organisation is the coordinating organisation in the project, the email will be sent to the PCoCo/CoCo. If your organisation is not coordinating the project, the email will be sent to the PaCo.

Granting access to a project.

PCoCo/CoCo or PaCo, depending of the situation, receives email notification informing of the request.

The notification is also accesible via My Area /My Notifications. Regardless of the option selected by the user, the title of the notification will look the same.

However, the content of the notification and the steps to be taken will be different depending on the selected option.

Option 1: When user requests to be added a contact of the project. The message indicates "requested to be added as contact on project" + Project ID-Name and Pic numbers.

Option 2: When user requests to have read access to the project without a role in the project. The message indicates "requested to authorise LEAR access for project" + Project ID-Name and PIC.

In both cases, the notification contains a link. Clicking on the link takes the user to the project consortium page. Then proceed as follows:

For option 1:

Click on the Edit Roles button of the corresponding organisation.

In the following screen, click on the Add Roles

Then select the role and fill in the name and email details. Click on OK to confirm.

For option 2:

Click on the Edit Roles button of the corresponding organisation.

You will see the current participant contacts and two radio buttons below the role participant contacts. Select the Authorised (recommended) one to grant read access to the LEAR/Account Administrator, Not Authorised to prevent them from seeing the project details.

After selecting the corresponding radio button, a message will be displayed confirming that the setting is save; just close the window, afterwards (there is no further buttons to confirm selection):

Note: The radio buttons are independent from the role management. There is neither confirmation to be clicked nor anything besides the red text "change setting successfully saved", simply click on the corresponding radio button and close the window without further action.

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