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My Expert Area Release


The delegate can see his/her contact details in the header of the page.


My Expert Area Release


  • VAT registration date should be in the past.
  • When an IBAN is encoded as new bank account the SWIFT/BIC code is visible as optional field.
  • A delegate can update the personal data on behalf an expert. If there is information missing, the delegate can add the required data and then notify the expert that the work is done and that he can submit the Legal Identity for validation.
  • A delegate does not have permission to submit the Bank Account form for validation. However, if all items in the Bank Account Validation checklist are green, the delegate can inform the expert about the completeness of the form so the expert can submit it for validation. The Submit button is replaced with a Finish & notify the expert button.

Experts Area Release



If the user does not want to claim fees or reimbursement, it will only be possible to select 'Fees and cost waiver' the first time. (i.e. if no other request for payment for this event has been submitted before).


An issue with the sorting of the employment list (by newest job) when a new employment is added, has been resolved.


Experts Area Release



  • The Experts are able to upload multiple documents by using drag 'n drop or by using the upload button

  • We have enhanced and clarified the information messages on the Payment screen. 
    • If no meeting is encoded but the expert requests allowances or central fees, the following message is displayed when the user tries to save: "For requesting <central fees> <and> <allowances>, please create your meeting(s)".

    • If the duration of the meetings is less than the requested central fees (days), the following message is displayed when the user tries to save: "The encoded number of central days is higher than the total duration of all meetings defined in this request. Please correct central fee days or the duration of your meeting(s)".


Experts Area Release



Dashboard and contextual help

  • The welcome banner on the dashboard has been reduced in size and is now static. The expert's name is also displayed.

  • The Active Tasks panel is now always available even if the Expert has no tasks. If this is the case the following message will be displayed: 'You have no tasks at the moment'.

  • The contracts and payments panels are now displayed under the Active Tasks panel.

  • For the publications and additional information sections, found both on the Dashboard and under My Profile, the exclamation mark
    ((warning)) icons have been removed as entries in these sections are not required to ensure profile completeness. 
Before releaseNow

  • Contextual help for each section has been made available in the upper right hand side of the screen. By clicking on the information icon a new screen will open, containing a step by step guidance for that specific page.

Contextual help is available for the following pages:


My profile

Legal Identity

Bank account



  • The Help section has been made more attractive and user friendly.

Before ReleaseAfter

  • The Delegation panel has been replaced by a Delegation button.

New Payments Page

Based on your feedback, the Payments page has been redesigned to make it easier to use, and to improve its cosmetic appearance. Full details on how to use this page are available here.

  • In the header of the Reimbursement request the context is clearly shown, including the following information:
    - Description of work 
    - Estimated period of work 
    - Linked contract number 
    - Point of Departure (based on the legal address or the declared PoD at contract signature time.)

  • Travel reimbursement flag has been completely removed. If the expert creates a meeting, the travel expenses functionality automatically becomes available. 

  • A new checklist will appear on the reimbursement request form to show a live, dynamic status about the request details.

  • The supporting document section had been separated from the expenses, so they can be managed completely independently.
    Note: Every journey reimbursement still requires documentary proof, such as a ticket or boarding card.

  • The Select bank account functionality now appears in its own panel.

  • When a user clicks on a meeting row (the area indicated by the red box below), an overview of all tickets attached to it is displayed in an expanded panel just below the meeting.

  • In the meeting list, a new meeting can be added from the header by clicking the New meeting button. Any meeting can be modified by clicking the Edit button in the row of the meeting. 


Experts Area Release



  • In the Travel expenses section, the button Add ticket has been re-named Save.
  • In general, the error messages have been improved and clarified.
  • Previously, the Declare bank account button appeared beside the Submit (Legal Identity) button in the last step of the Legal Identity wizard. A common error was that a user would click this button and go to the Bank Account screen to complete and submit the bank account, without having first clicked the Submit button to submit their Legal Identity. This caused issues for the system with the validation of the bank account. In the new release, the Declare bank account button has been moved to the Legal Identity overview screen, and does not appear unless the Legal Identity status is either "Submitted" or "Validated".

Experts Area Release



  • In order to make it easier to request payments, some wording was changed and explanations added to the user interface.
  • Previously there was an issue with the birth date for some users in a different timezone. This resulted in a difference between the date in the profile, and the date on your identity documents. This issue is now resolved.



A brand new Experts Area has been developed in the Participant Portal, providing both new and existing experts with a user friendly interface. The new system not only allows for a simplified registration procedure but also provides user-friendly wizards for entering your profile, bank account and legal identity information. Furthermore, you now have the possibility to delegate the completion of your profile to someone else. For a step by step guideline on how to use the new Experts Area please click here

Expert Registration Database Update



New keywords related to the field of defence and security are now available in the Expert Profile Registration service. If this is one of your areas of expertise, please update your profile with any new keywords that are relevant. Profiles with such expertise are especially sought for evaluation and review tasks in the Preparatory Action of the European Defence Agency. To update your profile with any new keywords, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Edit Profile button on the My Expert Area page of the Participant Portal.
  2. Select the new keywords in the Specialist Fields tab of the Profile-Area of Expertise page.

The following keyword information is available:

Unmanned platforms

Signature related materials

Lethality and platform protection

Design technologies for platforms and weapons

Electronic warfare and directed energy technologies

Defence sensor systems

Command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR)

Operating environment technology

Signature control and signature reduction

Navigation systems

Battlespace information



Force protection and soldier systems

Chemical, biological protection materials

Personnel protection systems

Strategic foresight analysis/defence analysis

Requirement definition studies

Mission scenario generation

Defence Effects

Expert Registration Release



New DOI feature on Publications Page

In the publications section now a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) can be added to retrieve data from the publications.
This will then automatically be filled in the profile if all the relevant data is available in DOI.

If it is not, then the Expert will be asked to add the missing information manually.


Simplified Profile possible for Meeting Experts.

The Expert no longer needs to complete all pages to create a valid profile. As soon as the first screen is complete (Personal details and Contact information), a "simplified" profile is valid. The expert can edit it later to create a full profile.The reason for this functionality is to allow Meeting Experts to have a candidature number which they need when they attend a meeting. This number is required for them to be registered as having attended the meeting, so that they can claim reimbursements. The simplified profile will be saved in EMI.


If you want a simplified profile, simply save your data after completing the Personal details and contact information screen. If you wish to create a full profile, click OK. You will then have to complete the rest of the registration pages in order to have a valid full profile.


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