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GMS - General 

  • The dedicated GMS Help menu, situated in the top right corner of the screen (next to the user's name), has been enhanced.

The following links have been restored:  

Two new links have been added:   

  • The Participant Portal Grant Management Services (PPGMS) has been renamed Grant Management Services (GMS). This change is now visible:
    • in the banner on the top of the screen:

    • in the Participant Notification System (PNS) message footers: 


  • An extra security layer to access eGrants applications via the Funding & Tenders Portal has been made available. This is optional and, if it is enabled, then a second factor of authentication is required when logging in. For more information about this 2 step verification when accessing the grant applications, please click here.


  • After the amendment process has been launched, a new Participant Notification System (PNS) message is sent to the LEAR in order to remind him/her to nominate a PLSIGN in case no PLSIGN has been assigned to the project. This new PNS is sent at the same time as the one requesting new partners to sign the Declaration of Honour and the Accession Form. For more information about launching the amendments please click here. For more details regarding the different types of notifications please click here.
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