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After you finish editing your organisation's data, click the  button.

A confirmation dialogue will list all modified data groups that you wish to submit. To confirm the change, accept the pop-up confirmation window. If your organisation holds a "validated" status, or it is going through a validation process, depending of the fields you are modifying, you could be requested to provide a document to justify the modification.


If a pdf document icon appears close the data group you modified, as it is the case below, click Select Document to display the document selection functionality. Submitting a document together with the value change will be compulsory when the icon displays:


After clicking on "Select Document", the document selection functionality will be displayed. Click on the upload document to be able to add a new document. If you already uploaded documents via the Documents section from the menu on the left, you do not need to upload it again, but click on the Type field to select the document type you want to use from your uploaded documents instead.

Afterwards; click on the Document field to display a dropdown list where you can select the documents matching what you previously uploaded to the server for that document type. If no documents are being displayed or the one being displayed is not the current supporting documents to be used, you will need to upload a new one by clicking the upload button.

When selecting an already uploaded document, you will need to click on the Select button. The file name will display under the data group being modified.

Note: for validations purposes, only documents not older than 6 months are admitted, so in case your uploaded document is older than 6 months, you will have to upload a newer one.

Only one document type per changed data group can be selected and submitted with the change, but you can add different document types to justify one single change.

You can unselect a document by clicking on the X icon; then proceed to upload a new one by clicking on the upload document button. If you select another document for the same document type, or upload a new one, the previous selected document will be substituted by the new selected one.

Note: when you select a type of document via the drop down menu, only the last uploaded one for that document type is being displayed, even if you have different documents available for the same type. If you do not select any value in the type drop down list, you will display all documents uploaded, including all documents matching a same document type:

If you are adding a new document, once you click on the upload button and get the upload a new document window, select the file by clicking the browse button, pick up the correct document type from the drop-down list and enter a description about the document. Do not forget to click the Original language field if the document is in the original language from the organisation.

Click on Submit for processing, you will see the system will upload the document for this record in the Documents section:

Once uploaded, you will see the uploaded document listed under the data group changed. You will be able to submit your change at this point by clicking on the Submit changes button.

Once submitted, your data on the Update page will be in "read-only" mode (View Organisation). Moreover, you will see a yellow pencil icon close to the field modified, indicating that validation is pending for this data update.

You can neither modify data nor access specific tools such as the SME Self-Assessment Wizard in "View Organisation" mode. All data fields will be greyed out and the  button will be replaced by 

Click if you wish to continue modifying your organisation's data.

Download the whole Participant Register User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.


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